How Madison Street Capital Helps its Clients to Grow their Businesses

Madison Street Capital has curved a powerful niche in the arena of investment banking by offering M&A guidance, financial advice, institutional financial advisory, and valuation services. Its main offices are located in Chicago. Since it opened its doors, Madison has managed to stay committed to its three virtues of operation: excellence in service delivery, transparency, and proactive leadership. The firm has been behind the fast-paced growth of many U.S.-based publicly and privately held companies.


Madison creates solutions that enable clients to thrive in the international marketplace. After agreeing to a new project, the company handles the customers’ missions and goals in a proficient and personalized manner. The company understands that the emerging markets are the primary component that promotes the international growth of its clients and continues to invest heavily in these markets. Madison Street Capital reputation is due to its complete dedication to solving pressing challenges that customers face and adherence to ethics and professional standards.


Unwavering commitment to serve


Madison has made a name for itself in the financial world for offering financial opinions to leading corporations. It has focused its professional expertise in teaming up with mid-market companies to navigate complicated transactions and attain the best possible outcome. The company’s team of investment bankers discuss with clients when new options emerge. They offer well-thought guidance from the initial engagement to the closing. They understand that the situation of every customer is unique and focus on coming up with personalized solutions. The professionals create a unique avenue through which buyers and sellers can interact and trade, organize appropriate financing, and establish capitalization structures that amplify customers’ potential.


For a couple of years, Madison has assisted clients across different sectors to attain their goals on a timely basis and beyond their anticipations. The firm’s cumulative experience and expertise in the specialties of corporate governance and independence have turned it into a trusted provider of M&A assistance, financial guidance, and valuations. Madison adopts a universal view that creates a stable balance between local and international business relationships and connections. Apart from a fantastic presence on social media and other online sites, the firm has worked on its offline presence by launching regional centers in Asia, Africa, and different parts of North America.


Corporate social responsibility


Apart from ensuring clients are receiving services of the highest level of quality, Madison believes in establishing stable businesses within communities in the U.S. The company achieves its corporate social responsibility’s mission by empowering its employees to volunteer in community projects and awarding grants to charitable organizations. It supports both local and international charities. Madison is one of the leading supporters of United Ways’ initiates. United Way is an organization situated in Alexandria, Virginia that mobilizes communities and better lives via a nationwide connection, strong public engagement ability, and strongly committed partners.



Online reputation marketing instead of management

Many companies are resorting to online reputation management when things haywire in their businesses. Rather than sort out issues, they wait for them to pile up until when the results of the online reputation start reflecting on the bottom-line.

According to Forbes, this is a little irresponsible thing to do. Online reputation can be guided as per the wishes of the organization. You do not need to suppress a disgruntled customer review when you have a battalion of good reviews available to the client.

Strategic decisions separate business. Experts from says that what sets apart a successful company from a market phenomenal is the important decisions. It is no longer a competition between who brings more evidence as to how bad or how good your services are. Customers tend to believe fellow customers. If there is only one disgruntled customer, and he decides to express his frustration, that is what potential clients read.

It is paramount to understand customer psychology. Most satisfied customers do not have the motivation to review a product, after all, the service or product satisfied the need. So it is natural that there will be more weight on disgruntled customers’ reviews, as opposed to satisfied customer reviews. A happy customer is likely to say, “Excellent product,” “Great service!” On the other hand, the disgruntled customer will be detailed and maybe will have proof of your communication.

It is out of this background that it is advised that businesses should focus on marketing their good reputation. Making that every satisfied customer leaves a review, however, brief it is. You cannot continuously concentrate on defending your reputation when you can, at your own convince, create a marketing plan for all your good reviews. It is not always about crisis management.

According to Olenski, black hat SEO, and fake content is what most companies offer. They provide the best reviews for free and have no genuine concern on how you can improve your business’s services or products. Through online reputation marketing, research and development can go a long way in sprucing up your service delivery and products without having to resort to shady crisis management solutions.

Why is the United States in the Middle East Anyways?

There are hundreds of countries in the world – each year, a couple are added or the names are changed. But for some reason, the United States news is dominated by the Middle East. Why?

In a world of so many regions, why do we see so many stories about the United States and the Middle East? Why did the United States tie its own currency to the petroleum in the Middle East, calling it the “petrodollar?” Does any of this have to do with energy?

“The Spice Must Flow”

The “Dune” movie discussed a fantasy empire centered upon the all-important “spice.” The spice was needed for space travel. It allowed the imperial power to maintain control. Is there anything on Planet Earth that is similar to spice?

The British empire ran on coal. The United States empire runs on petroleum. Whether you want to admit it or not, all those aircraft carriers used to invade Japan and win World War II would not have succeeded without oil. Thus, oil (as an energy source) is necessary to run an empire.

So, as the American empire expands, it needs more oil. As it contracts, oil demand goes down. That is what is so disconcerting about the North Dakota oil production declines.

“North Dakota Energy Sector Shows Slowdown”

In September 2016, the North Dakota oil production fell through the critical one million barrel mark. It had been nearly two and a half years before that date when North Dakota oil production had broken upwards through the one million barrel mark. Given this fact and declining oil prices, some think the global economy is collapsing.

“How Can Gold Protect You?”

Since the 1948 Bretton Woods agreement, the United States has been the leader of Capitalism. If Capitalism is waning, then the nation might experience some tough times. An important issue is the “petrodollar.” How can a nation be healthy if its economic production is tied to a waning commodity, like oil? If North Dakota oil production declines, doesn’t that mean the petrodollar will decline?

In terms of purchasing power, the petrodollar is declining. The United States is finding it more difficult to sell its Treasury Notes. When you are uncertain about the economic future, you should turn to gold.

US Money Reserve sells gold products to its clients, who are interested in wealth management. With gold, you can weather in economic storm.

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IAP Worldwide: Human Capital

IAP Worldwide company takes the pride and exceptional opportunity to provide expertise, unique skills, and knowledge to form a whole greater than the individual experiences. For this reason, they have partnered with numerous high-end companies and businesses to provide better solutions to client challenges. IAP values human capital. Their employees are instilled with a high sense of commitment towards an individual mission that is exclusive in the industry on This action has placed IAP among the best companies in the world. They provide the best environment for employees to extend their careers and improve on problem solution. This is the primary goal of productivity. They seek the best talents on a regular basis. They want people that are about to make a difference in the world. The most passionate about their jobs are prospective employees of IAP Worldwide.

IAP Worldwide comprises of people who are eager to solve other people’s problems on Hoovers. Every individual member of the company has unique skills that are essential to solving your problems. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience, and skills to form the best force to foster good solutions. While you work with the company, you will always impart a real sense of quality. You will gain recognition through every unique solution you provide in your job through dedication, cooperation, equality, and camaraderie. IAP is seeking the most dedicated, experienced professionals in Logistics, general management, Construction, Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Operations, Program Management and many other specialty areas and fields.

IAP employees are empowered with the resources and knowledge necessary to work in their fields with efficiency and safety. This action has seen to contribute to the overall engagement of customer towards solutions on The company believes that this is the driving force which aids solution development. For this reason, success and growth can be realized through employee commitment.

The Human Resource professionals at IAP Worldwide are more concerned about your success over the company profitability. For this reason, they contribute to the mission of the company. They provide high-end customer satisfaction levels in the market. The company is committed to implement and develop processes and support programs to aid in customer satisfaction. While they work tirelessly to provide solutions for clients, the employees add value to the company and themselves. While they work at IAP, everything is done in their power to ensure that they find a satisfying reward. Employee and customer interaction helps increase on their core values including responsibility, respect, integrity, and purpose. See:,_Inc./Salary

Securus Poking Holes into the statements made by GTL

GTL is a company that was contracted by Securus, a leading provider of different services to the correctional centers in the country, to organize their technological setups. The business partnership got strained when GTL decided to take Securus to court over an unsolved dispute. GTK has been making interesting remarks following the legal tussle and now Securus is coming out to express their opinion about these claims.

The first thing that GTL claimed is that they were in a position to move back to court and get Securus to stop using their patented technology. However, Securus has retaliated and stated that the technology in question is not yet patented. GTL had also claimed that they would proceed with the case. Securus notes that because the case was heard in front of a judge in Dallas and they made a ruling, GTL did not have much of choice, especially in going back to the courtroom.

Securus has also stated that the propaganda being spread by GTL, about their company always using contested legal means to acquire services and goods from companies that work with them is a false accusation. They noted that when the friction began between the two companies, they offered GTL an out of court settlement. GTL seems to have ignored this offer and moved to court to seek for a better payout. Securus maintains that their clients come first and that when they feel necessary, they will start legal processes against anyone that threatens their service delivery process.

The other accusation that has been made is that Securus will be forced to pay fiduciary duty for confidential information that they are posting on social pages. Securus states that there is no stay that has been put on any of the technologies they got from GTL. They urged GTL to stop the legal battles and head back to the negotiation table for a better deal.


The New E-Commerce Online Platform for Secure Purchase of Precious Metals from the U.S. Money Reserve

The new online catalog and e-commerce website for the unique and rare gold, platinum, and silver coins deliver the customer-friendly experience. While using the functionality, you get the detailed coverage of the website and product information.

The US Money Reserve is now proud to announce to you the improved and comprehensive new online human-friendly interface of the company. The, and their new look in the platform, provides their leadership abilities in the rare metal industry. While these features reflect the state of the company, they represent their superior customer service experience and commitment. The fully-redesigned impressive features offer a new photograph as a distinguishable leader in the market. He current President of the United States Money Reserve and the former U.S. Mint Director, Philip, N. Diehl, says that the gallery of coins represents the actual nature of purity physically. The new website is meant to inform customers on the great benefits of purchasing the state-issued metal bullion and experience the high-end customer service.

According to Philip N Diehl, the company is now equipped with all necessary tools to allow it to generate the desired content on the internet. For the enterprise to interact with its clients one-on-one, they must first deliver the best quality products through the secure online payment system offered by the enterprise. The Vice President of the Creative Brand, Ryan Buchanan, said that the corporation has all it takes to be named the world’s best precious metal market. Ryan oversaw the entire implementation and redesign of numerous features and applications intended to educate customers to make an advised purchase.

According to Forbes Magazines, companies worldwide are moving towards online stores. However, online shops provide competition in prices on silver and gold coins. The United States Money Reserve also offers the PCGS state-issued coins and other discerning products under the precious metal coins category. For customers to view the free gold information kit, they are required to sign up for a free account. For up-to-date information on the terms associated with precious metals, they can visit the Information Center. Clients also have the option to check in for purchasing, grading, and minting information. For the latest updates and news in the market, the Full Gold News Headline News Room has it all.

The United States Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by wealthy individuals who wanted to find a way to liquidity their money. They found an opportunity to venture into precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum coins.

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Bruce Levenson and Other Former Owners of Atlanta Hawks Sue Insurance Company

The former owners of NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks made one of the most lucrative deals in history. However, the sale was marred by several controversies ranging from overpricing claims to lack of transparency. Once again, the former ownership is at the center of controversy. It is suing New Hampshire Insurance Company for what it terms as a breach of contract made during settlement of claims involving the former general manager Danny Ferry.

According to the complaints, the insurance company, which is also known as AIG, acted in bad faith and did not adhere to the terms and conditions articulated in the contract document. AIG did not cover certain elements in their insurance policy. In the lawsuit file, the former ownership, led by Bruce Evensong indicated that the insurance company ignored claims asserted by Ferry in their capacity as Atlanta Hawks’ insurance provider.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC, the company behind the success of NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. Bruce became the center of focus in NBA community when he decided to sell the team to new owners. After months of negotiations characterized by controversies, he sold the club to Antony Ressler for a whopping $850 million. This was one of the most tightly contested sales in NBA’s history. See,

Bruce Levenson is also behind the success of several companies. According to Time Magazine, he is the co-founder and managerial partner at United Communications Group. He was among the pioneer members of UCG Company including Ed Peskowitz. Before he became a businessman, he used to write for the Washington Post. His articles mainly focused on sports and lifestyle. He served as a member of the Board of Directors at Newsletter. Bruce is currently the Chairman of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. He is a graduate of Washington University and American University.


Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Property Records Website

In the recent times, title defects have become very popular, and they are currently a cause for great concern in the real estate market. Some people feel that these errors lead to wrongful foreclosures, and others believe that they result in the stagnation of smooth transition of the assets in the secondary market.

Nationwide Title Clearing executives believe that property records have a crucial role, especially in ensuring that there is clear title conveyance. These files are also imperative in reducing the risk of the inability to foreclosure or buyback. The executives of the institution urge everyone to have their property records in order at all times to avoid getting in serious trouble.

The Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leaders in the research and document processing industry, and it offers solutions to the companies in the mortgage and finance department. The company has done its best to ensure that the whole process of securing property reports is as simple as simple. The organization is privately held, and it is considered to be one of the fastest growing institutions in the United States. The company was started several years ago, and it has become very successful. Not long ago, the privately held agency decided to launch a newly updated website, and this will make the property reports available to customers online.

Title defects mostly happen when an entity or an individual has laid a claim to a certain property that is already owned by another person. There are, however, several factors that might render a title invalid. Here are some of the factors:
• The failure to include the signatures of any of the parties that are needed in the transactions like the spouse.
• Some simple wording problems in the report that have not complied with the real estate regulations in the area.
• If the previous encumbrances and liens have not been correctly removed from the report.
• If the individual does not follow the filing and recording procedures needed when recording the real estate documents.

John Hillman currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Nationwide Title Clearing, and he says that due to these factors, it is paramount to address all title defects before the property in question is transferred or sold to another individual. John Hillman has done his best to assist the ever changing mortgage industry. Under his leadership, the NTC has offered consumers some critical reports via online ordering.

Customers will now be able to access the Assignment Verification Report Services, Tax Status Report, Current Owner Report and Tax Status Reports. The property reports from the company are mainly based on the research conducted on the actual land records. According to John, these records are now available to all the residential properties in the United States.

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Bruce Levenson Looks to Future with Sale of Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson came into Atlanta with one goal on his mind: make the Atlanta Hawks a better franchise than when he found them. Back in 2004 the Atlanta Hawks were coming off of a string of abysmal seasons and the franchise needed a change. This is where Levenson came into play. Over the next decade Levenson would turn the Hawks around and create a culture of winning that would eventually culminate in back to back 50 win seasons and a Eastern Conference Finals berth. While Atlanta hasn’t leapt to a Championship Title they have made major waves. Now Levenson is selling the team and moving on, having accomplished his goal. See,

The climate for NBA team sales has been getting hotter and hotter lately. The Los Angeles Clippers set the market when owner Steve Ballmer shipped the team out and now Levenson is reaping the benefits. UCG co-founder Bruce Levenson managed to find a buyer with a quickness after putting an $850 million price tag on the franchise. Antony Ressler, a fund manager, was the first person to bite with a real offer and his buying group was quick to wrap things up. According to, Ressler was joined by former NBA star Grant Hill among a host of others looking to get their hands in on a team.

What Atlanta offers Ressler and the new owners is simple: a premier franchise in a hot market with a rabid fan base. Atlanta fans have gotten used to winning thanks to a strong couple of years with Levenson in charge. Now so long as Ressler focuses on continuing those winning ways, everything should come up roses. Ressler was quick to say that he was “proud” to become a “steward” for the NBA franchise. Now what remains to be seen is if he can turn his ambition into winning for Atlanta.

Looking for real estate investments, try the Davos Cap Calculator today

Are you in the US and looking to make investments in the real estate sector?

How would you like to get expert tips on real estate investments by a panel of experts?

Wouldn’t you like to know the technical aspects involved in real estate before making a move?

If your answer is a yes to all the above questions then you have come to the right place seeking a solution.

Introducing the Davos Cap Calculator, an innovative tool that has been designed to cater the needs of investors involved in buying a property within US. Designed by the Davos Real Estate Group, the new interface of the Davos Cap Calculator will offer real estate investment alternatives to its users as per their needs and requirements. The app will also have a panel of experts who will guide you through the process of sales, rent, mortgage and legal challenges associated with your real estate investment. The application allows you to calculate specific details related to investments in real estate like net income, capitalization rate, cash flow of your real estate investment.

There are quite a few many people who don’t know the potential of investing in real estate as a useful asset. David Osio who is the investment committee head of the Davos financial group answers the question by giving some useful insights on the subject matter. Investment in real estate is a boon for potential investment seekers which provides an excellent alternative to broaden one’s investment portfolio according to David. A potential investment in real estate can increase the return on your investment portfolio and reduce associated risk levels which are omnipresent with other alternative investments. Some of the major highlights as pointed out by David in his analysis of real estate as n investment opportunity are: diversification criteria for an individual’s portfolio, improved level of performances, protection against inflation which is based on the adjusted rental income and the ability to affect your investment portfolio in a positive manner with improvements in your real estate investment.

About David Osio

David Osio began his career as honors graduate in law at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Venezuela. David then went to pursue further studies at Instituto De Estudio Superiores Administrativos. His first position in the corporate world came as the CEO of the company OPED enterprise. He also held an important position as the Vice President of Commercial Banking in the Banco Latino International in Miami. He was responsible for supervising the management of corporate departments. David Osio’s combined efforts lead to the strengthening of the bank’s position and a surge in their portfolio growth.

After ending his stint with the bank David Osio started the Davos Financial group in the year 1993 with an aim to offer tailored financial services for its clientele and meet their demands and expectations. The Davos group adheres to the standards and banking regulations of the financial sector and is committed to the interest of its clients. With David Osio as the CEO, the Davos Financial group has expanded its operations in the American continent in strategic locations ranging from Miami, Geneva to Panama. David Osio has also been instrumental in providing to the community and serving the society with many charitable foundations. Over the years David has supported many foundations like The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and promoted art and music funding the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami and the Miami Symphony orchestra.