Neurocore Safe and Non-invasive Care

Neurocore is a safe and non-evasive way to treat mental conditions. Neurocore was founded by Dr. Tim Royer, a former neuropsychologist. Each session is held in a private room sitting in a cubicle. The patient’s ears and head are connected to electrodes. Headphones are placed on their ears and they simply watch a video. The patient heartbeat and respirations are monitored.

However, the brain activity dictates rather or not the device sends the brain a signal. For instance, if the patient’s brain is unbalanced the device will message the brain to breathe deeply. This increases oxygenated blood flow to the brain. The neurons in the brain also increase and release endorphins. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Endorphins decrease stress on the brain and bring it to a normal state. As a reward, the screen enlarges. Once the brain activity is unbalanced the screen shrinks. The small screen is a to correct wrong behavior. The device sends out another signal and the cycle begins again.

Neurocore reports that 75% of their Patients decrease or eliminate taking medication. The only possible side effect is skin irritation from the ten20 conductive paste. The clinic does offer alternative paste for patients with sensitive skin. The paste is non-carcinogenic and topical. The therapy cost $2200.00 for 30 sessions. The Neurocore clinic also accepts health insurance. After Neurocore therapy there is no need to fill a prescription.


Tiffany Pojeski is a mother who reached out to Neurocore for help. She told Fox1t that her son is an eight-year-old boy who struggles with sleep and focus. Jackson had frequent meltdowns when asked to complete small tasks. Consequently, he received 40 sessions before his mom noticed a change. He completes tasks without a meltdown. Jackson also sleeps at night without medication. Denise Kooiker told FOX 17 that Neurocore really works. It helps her son stop biting his nails after 2 years of treatment. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes Return to Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone that is very inspiring to all female plastic surgeons that are interested in getting into this field. She has become one of the most well-known plastic surgeons in Houston, and she may be considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States when it comes to women in medicine.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven herself to be a very prolific plastic surgeon that has performed many rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgeries. Dr. Walden is also known for a number of Botox treatments as well. There are lots of people that have lost their self confidence, and they may not be happy with their appearance but Dr. Jennifer Walden can definitely help with this. She provides thorough consultation to inform patients of how their before and after photos may look. She lets people know about procedures as well as less invasive alternatives if there’s something that they are a little apprehensive about doing when it comes to going under the knife.

Botox injections have become quite popular in recent years thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family. This is one of the procedures that has become quite popular for Dr. Jennifer Walden in her practice as well. There are also women that are considering the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation. This is another hot topic and concept that has become quite popular for Dr. Jennifer Walden.

There are definitely a wide range of possibilities that exist when it comes to enhancing the physical appearance that anyone may not be pleased with. Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to help with these things. There are even some patients that fly in from different states outside of Texas because they have heard such great things about the work that Dr. Walden has done.


Sentient AI – A/B Testing Is Great For Your Business

Building an online store and developing a solid audience of viewers and customers can be a very hard process that does not happen overnight. There are hundreds of ways throughout various forums online that detail how to gain traffic, but not all work. It is very key that your website is designed in the best possible way so that the conversion rate is the best it can be which will increase your profit from your online store. One very popular way to create a great design for your website is A/B testing. This testing is simply comparing two designs of a page of your online store and determine which one leads to a high conversion rate and which one is more easy to use. This is very important because it determines how many of your viewers will buy when they go to your online store. One great new thing is to use sentient AI to do this testing. AI can do all of the hard work and can give you data on how to improve the profitability of your online store.

Sentient AI can analyze exactly where photos, texts, and other things should be in your online store. This testing can really be a long process so it is great to allow an AI to do it for you. Creating an online store that can really sell is determined by the conversion rate, which is how many of your viewers actually buy from your online store. It is very key to use AI because it can do all of the work for you and can analyze data very fast. Your website will look great and will make you more profit. This can also give your website the edge against the competitors because not many people use AI to do this testing. With thousands of online stores coming online every month, your online store needs to have the best possible look to sell to customers.

Building a great website can be hard but with sentient AI and A/B testing, building a profitable store can be easy. You will have a great online store that is very easy to use and really sells. Because the conversion rate determines what exactly your profit is, you need the highest possible conversion rate. With sentient AI, you can be assured that your website is the best possible version that it can be to sell.

An Outsider Turned Mogul. Meet Sheldon Lavin.

Many enter into career fields feeling like outsiders who are destined to fail. Sheldon Lavin is the opposite of this because even though he was an outsider, he was able to walk into the meat processing market and take it by storm. In 2016, Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. The award recognizes those who are visionaries in various fields and those who have turned their dreams into reality. If you ask me, Sheldon Lavin earned this award since he is a man who fits both criteria. Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of a food processing company known OSI Group. OSI Group includes two industries: OSI International Foods and OSI Industries.

Sheldon Lavin didn’t start his career in the meat processing business until later on in his life. At an early age, Sheldon received a degree in Finance and Accounting. He became an executive in the finance and banking sector, and at the same time, he was running his own financial consulting firm. Sheldon Lavin didn’t enter into the meat industry until the 1970’s. There was a meat company known as Otto & Sons that was trying to become the midwest supplier of hamburgers for McDonald’s. The company was facing a big hurdle because they did not have enough funds to secure a deal. The company later sought Sheldon Lavin for financial consultation. While helping the Otto & Sons company the bank, in which Sheldon was working for, requested that Sheldon took ownership of the company. Sheldon Lavin declined and just decided to remain a financial consultant for the company.

In 1975, the owners of Otto & Sons started to look for investments from overseas. And standing by their side was Sheldon Lavin helping them through the process. One of the owners, the father of the company, decided to retire so Sheldon decided to become a partner with the two sons. And it was on that day when OSI Group was born. Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI has been able to expand internationally in places like Europe, North America, Australia, India, Japan, South Africa, and the Philippines. Even today, Sheldon is doing everything he can to make sure that OSI keeps growing stronger and expanding wider as a company.

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The Frontera Fund Helping Change Lives In Arizona

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by a team of enforcement officers under the command of Maricopa County Sheriff Mr. Joe Arpaio. The two at the time of their arrest were journalists working for Village Voice Media. They were forcibly removed from their houses in Phoenix area by the enforcement officers and shoved into unmarked vehicles that had dark tinted windows and Mexican plate’s numbers. They were then taken to the Maricopa County police station where they were booked in different cells that are under the jurisdiction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Mr. Joe Arpaio who regards himself as the toughest Sheriff was the man behind the arrest. The Sheriff for a long time was outraged by the Phoenix New Times newspaper that published articles that exposed the Sheriff and the County misdeeds. Besides the newspaper also highlighted the pathetic health conditions in Arpaio’s jails, how inmates were mistreated some of which resulted to death and the increased discrimination and unlawful arrests of the Latinos residing in the State of Arizona

Larkin and Lacey were charged for having penned a story revealing the Subpoenas issued to the Phoenix media house requiring that the newspapers gives details about its writers, editors, and readers. The subpoenas went to the extent of requesting for readers personal browsing histories and IP addresses. However, following a public outcry, the two were released the same day, and all the charges were dropped.

The matter did not rest there as the two were aggrieved by the actions of the county Sheriff and as a result decided to sue the County and the Sheriff illegal detention. It was then followed by a series of legal battles in the court of law. The Ninth Circuit which handled the case found out that the subpoenas issued by the grand jury were invalid as the prosecutor did not follow the required legal procedures. The appellate court on its ruling issued Larkin and Lacey a 3.75 million settlement fee which the two decided to form the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund initiative was created with the aim of helping the Hispanic community that for the longest time have been marginalized and racially discriminated in Arizona.

Big Money 20 Versus End Citizens United – A Political Battle Contest

The “Big Money 20” is a list recently published by the End Citizens United. This group has been at the front of the battle with the large donations that have been a part of the United States politics in the last decades. This list is the latest announcement made by the group and it identifies twenty politicians that are deemed as the very worst in Congress.

The reason for the selection of these particular individuals correlates with the mission of End Citizens United. When the organization was established as PAC (Political Action Committee) in 2015, number one goal was to fix the rigged system that politicians have employed in this country. The reason why it is viewed as rigged comes from the fact that large donations are the main driver of decision making, according to the organization. Thus, these twenty people have been put on the list because they are no strangers to taking large donations and then shifting their own political views. End Citizens United disagrees with politicians who break campaign promises so that they can deliver on their financially binding promises made to special interest groups.


Some of the popular names on the list include the very Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan alongside Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Republican Mike Bost of Illinois. In order to prevent these people from getting re-elected, the PAC is planning to raise $35 million which is $10 million more than they raised 2 years ago. This comes as quite the goals given that PAC does not allow people to donate more than $5,000.

Luckily, End Citizens United has a large support of over 3 million members. This is not very surprising given that reducing special interest through donations is the third main issue voters are concerned within the United States. The only two problems that people want to see addressed more deal with terrorism and jobs. The President of the organization, Tiffany Muller, has vowed to use all the resources available to achieve their goals in 2018.

The origin of End Citizens United originates from a Supreme Court case that happened in 2010. This is when Citizens United (hence the organization’s name) battled F.E.C. and the Supreme Court ruled in support of large monetary donations that can be made during campaigns. End Citizens United was then established with a single mission of fighting against this ruling and serving as a platform for all those who support the idea.

The location of the organization is at the very heart of the politics in this country, Washington. From there, they are able to continue running their operations and increase efficiency as proven by the rise in their goals for finances in 2018!

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OSI Industries Inc. President, David McDonald Improves International Expansion

OSI Industries is one of the top food processing facilities in America proudly based in Aurora, Illinois. Their employee portfolio includes over 20,000+ professional workers and continues to grow. They ensure their customers and partners alike, a safe and nutritious meal backed by the strictest federal government regulations in the industry. Many food processing facilities were not ready to respond to a stabilized food network, but OSI Industries was and gained the trust of their international partners says, McDonald. PRN Newswire has reported their estimated net worth at over $40 billion dollars and expected to grow.

More About David McDonald

David McDonald received his degree in business from Iowa state. His colleague’s say, he was able to bring his professional background in food service to the table to make major business moves within the OSI Industries network. He once served as the chairman of the North America Meat Institute before he began his career at OSI Industries Inc. He has over 16 years experience in the food service industry and would like to continue to motivate his team to bring their best to the food industry to satisfy and ensure the safety of the public. He also designates his time, money, and resources to the local charitable organizations like the Ronald McDonald house.

News About David McDonald

It is no secret that McDonald pushed the bid on a recent Chicago Tyson plant. He understood the importance of giving back to the community and his successful bid offer was able to save the jobs of thousands of current workers. OSI will continue to process Tyson food products, but will also combine their organic vegetable products ad other frozen meat products to their assembly line. They are proud to announce they will continue to process the industries top food products under the Tyson deal.

Now is a great time to inquiry about one of many unique job opportunities available at OSI Industries. They provide a diverse work opportunity with professionals, food specialist, and more. You’ll love coming to work everyday being a productive part of your environment. They offer full, part-time, and salary employment opportunities for qualified professionals. Their website has a complete listing of their current employment opportunities and is updated monthly. You’re invited to visit the OSI Industries website and inquire about taking a tour of their headquarters for your elementary school trip, church function, or food processing training today.

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Fabletics for Everyone

If you are looking at getting some great exercise clothing then you might be able to find something that will work for you online with Fabletics. You may be wondering how you can get them and how they have managed to do so well.



Fabletics started online with a subscription platform. The way it worked and still does is that you would sign up for an account and choose your style. They you would get an outfit that will match in the style you like each month. You can also order what you want for your styling needs. This makes things that much more fun.


If you want to keep the subscription, then you can pause it if you find you don’t want something that month or that you are not going to be there at that moment. This will help keep your bills in line and keep you from getting clothing sent that you are not going to be there to receive.



After the success of the online stores, Fabletics decided to get some stores open in a brick and mortar store. They only did these in places that had a lot of people. This way they could see how they would do. They ended up doing great.


There are a couple of great things about the stores. They allow you to look at the clothing and see what ones are going to be right for you. This might mean you are checking out the colors or sizes so you can know what you are getting online. You might also just want to buy your clothing in store and still get your main subscription online.


There are a lot of things to look at when you are getting your exercise clothing. You have to know what styles you want and what brands are going to be the best for you. That is why Fabletics is something that will help you get the look you want as well as to be happy with the clothing you are getting. What are you waiting for? Get your Fabletics today and see what they can do for you.

Where there is will, there is a way- Todd Lubar

A Sr. VP to Legendary Investments Mr. Todd Lubar serves as the Presidents at TDL Global Ventures, LLC as well. The renowned businessman, as well as an investor, has been serving in the real estate sector for more than 20 years, most significantly is the fact that he has been assisting others to realize their dreams of becoming homeowners, reveals In as much as he served in the real estate for long, he also spent some time in other industries such as mortgage banking, construction as well as entertainment industries.


The path to success is coupled with a myriad of challenges. According to Todd Lubar, he was able to accumulate many years of experience to counter any form of a problem along the way. He multiplied his business acumen to bring others on the path to success, and he was very passionate about serving the surrounding communities.


Like many others, every day Todd Lubar wakes up very early in the morning to take a cup of coffee as well as breakfast with his family. After that he would check his email and scroll through some news on and before heading to the office, he takes a quick workout. The news he reads is essential in understanding what is going on within the country and all over the world. Besides, some of the information might be of the essence in the industry as they may affect him directly or indirectly; thus he would prioritize and put his day into perspective.


Many entrepreneurs may find it a significant challenge to fulfill their ideas. According to Todd Lubar, he says that where there’s a will, then there’s a way and all the ideas in the world can with one person but without the necessary will to dive deep into them and make them happen, it will never come to life. A case example of the power of having an intention to pursue a particular idea and combined with experience was Todd Lubar’s journey when he ventured into TDL and mortgage banking.


At the moment, Lubar resides in Bethesda Maryland with his two beautiful children. Also, he enjoys spending good moments with his kids traveling and has a goal to continue being valuable to many people he interacts with.

Your Tasty Breakfast Foods Just Might Be From OSI Industries

If you’ve had one of those mouth-watering Neal’s for breakfast such as bacon, sausage patties or an already prepared inlet sandwich, it may have been processed by OSI Industries. OSI Industries, the parent to OSI Food Group is a major manufacturer of processed meats and customized dinner entrees. It’s headquartered in Aurora, IL and owns 50 plants across 17 different countries, and each country it operates in it has local sales agents working with clients. OSI Industries has patented many processing technologies and has worked closely with many wholesale companies in meat product branding. Their longest standing partnership has been with McDonald’s restaurants.

OSI Industries’ history goes back over 100 years ago when Otto Kolschowsky founded butcher shop in Chicago, and it grew into a profitable family business that his sons were happy to take over after he retired. Hence why its original name was Otto & Sons. It was in the 1950s that Chicago businessman and new McDonald’s owner Ray Kroc asked Otto & Sons to be the chief provider of its beef, an offer they gladly accepted. But as McDonald’s grew, Otto & Sons realized they too were going to have to match their output, and they needed someone financially savvy to do that. That’s when Sheldon Lavin came in and helped Otto & Sons raise the funds for a big processing plant with for large distribution. Lavin would later be sold an ownership stake and become CEO of Otto & Sons renaming OSI Industries.

Since 1978, OSI has been growing in the European markets with its first investment in Germany. It’s two biggest a acquisitions in recent days have been Baho Food in the Netherlands, and Flagship Europe in the UK. OSI has also had quite a presence in China for about 20 years, and they’re now opening a plant in the Philippines.

One of OSI’s chief concerns has been safe working conditions because both the sharp tools and machinery in meat processing can be dangerous to use. So far OSI has earned excellent ratings for safety and environmental consciousness, and just last year the British Safety Council gave them the Globe of Honour award for it. OSI has also been reviewed as one of the best companies to work for thanks to leaders who listen, and rewarding longtime employees who have worked hard for them.

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