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River and Trail Outfitters Inc. (563-382-6552) 212 Pulpit Rock Rd. Decorah. The name says it all!!


Hotel Winneshiek

The Crown Jewel of Lodging!

B and B on Broadway

Beautiful Historic House, close to downtown with fantastic rooms and service

Pine Creek Cabins

Remote, Modern, A slice of paradise, what more can you ask for in the midwest.

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The Family Table- 817 Mechanic St. Decorah. Awesome family food.

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 June 2014

High, like a Colorado high.  Not talking pot here either.  Were talking water.  UIR slightly high but still dirty, trout streams have great flow but many are dirty.  Big River is high and dirty.  Dirt theme is ever present again.  Wonder where all that silt and sediment came from?  Decided to trout fish on the evening of June 9 and found water that was dirty but fishable.  Son with spinning rod put took his old man to task with the fly rod.  Just as much fun watching him catch fish. (not really true but sounds good)  Lots of great vegetation, beware of Wild Parsnip.  Weather looks more stable with less rain.  Things will get better soon.  This is the new normal, high and muddy in May/June then we have trended towards very low and clear water by September.  Time will tell.  Good Luck

Standard for Big Browns


This site is dedicated to providing  information regarding fishing and water recreation in Winneshiek County and surrounding areas. The Upper Iowa River and numerous trout streams can provide endless hours of recreation for the individual, couple, or family. The trip can be as plain or fancy as the individual wants to make it for a day, weekend, or a week. Our goal is to provide you with information on current fishing conditions, outfitters, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, water quality issues, weather, stream conditions etc.

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