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River and Trail Outfitters Inc. (563-382-6552) 212 Pulpit Rock Rd. Decorah. The name says it all!!


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The Family Table- 817 Mechanic St. Decorah. Awesome family food.

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 April 2014

The reality of April is that it might be better than March and it might be colder than normal.  The beginning is not the best start to April.  Two trout fishing trips resulted in a few fish and a very noticeably muddy stream.  The amount of erosion this year is over the top.  I don't want to sound like a broken record but the erosion from many ag fields is past acceptable.    No erosion is acceptable.  Soil is expensive stuff so the loss of soil seems like the poorest business decision possible.  Hopefully we will eventually find a way to convince everyone that taking care of the land will allow the land to take care of the people.  

Off the box onto the stream bank.  Flash back to last year, dry late summer and fall with very low water table.  Winter stream levels were low, spring has brought better levels but my springs are running nicely but not like they have when the water table is higher.  Bottom line, normal spring rains and we will have great water to fish in.  

The Upper Iowa is a long way from fishable and the big river has started to give up some walleyes.  Good Luck.


This site is dedicated to providing timely information regarding fishing and water recreation in Winneshiek County and surrounding areas. The Upper Iowa River and numerous trout streams can provide endless hours of recreation for the individual, couple, or family. The trip can be as plain or fancy as the individual wants to make it for a day, weekend, or a week. Our goal is to provide you with information on current fishing conditions, outfitters, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, water quality issues, weather, stream conditions etc.

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