How a Wikipedia Page Can Get You and Your Business Exposure

When looking to present yourself as an individual or promote your business one of the best things that you can do is create a Wikipedia page. Creating a Wikipedia page will often be a very useful tool in boosting your reputation online as well as establishing your business reputation on the internet as well. Once you make a Wikipedia page on the internet you will usually get a number of benefits which will allow you to establish a favorable reputation. These benefits will often include having your information on a site that is visited on a regular basis, providing unbiased information to others, providing information that is detailed yet concise, and also helping you get even more exposure.

The first benefit of Wikipedia page creation is that you and your business will be accessible on a site that millions of people visit everyday. In fact throughout a given day, the site is visited by many people and this will therefore help you get the reputation that you are seeking. It will also allow you to compliment your current website and review pages. This will work when a person or company checks out your website and then looks to research you more on Wikipedia. Since this site is frequently visited you will be in position to get a lot of exposure. With more exposure you will often get more customers and have a much better chance at establishing credibility as well as a positive reputation as well.

As well as getting more exposure on a site that is frequently visited, a Wikipedia page for you and your business will also provide unbiased information. This means that what people read will be truthful and provide only facts about you and your business. While a lot of websites provide opinions and individual perspectives that are often not true, a Wikipedia page will ensure that what is read is accurate and also doesn’t have any opinion based information that is in favor of a certain particular viewpoint. Along with providing unbiased information, creating a Wikipedia page also provides detailed information about an individual or business. However, anyone can update a Wikipedia page so it is important to monitor you page frequently. Or if you do not have the time to do so regularly or own multiple pages, it is best practice to hire a Wikipedia monitoring service for you. The experts at the Wiki writing service Get Your Wiki will not only make a Wikipedia page for you, but also monitor the page to protect it from illicit and potentially damaging edits.

The site will have a very comprehensive outline of what you offer, who you are, and when and how your business started up. It may also include a list of your accomplishments as well. With all of this detailed information, people will have an easy way to get a comprehensive look at who you are as an individual and also significant information about your business.


Thor Halvorssen Pushes Human Rights Around the World

Thirty-seven-year-old Thor Halvorssen is a major human rights activist pushing for humane treatment of people around the world. The Oslo Freedom Forum, is one place where activists meet each year, trying to further their cause. Thor a Venezuelan-Norwegian runs the forum. There were 57 countries represented at the forum.

He recently was trying to help an exiled Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng and his wife Yuan Weijing. He recommended that Chen remain close to Christian Bale, the American actor who went to China trying to free Chen. Thor has been at the heart of several international conflicts lately, making him a polarizing figure in human rights activism.

Thor’s Human Rights Foundation in New York was established to fight for rights worldwide. They help get people out of their countries when necessary, try to free political dissidents and more. They fight against oppressive regimes around the globe. The foundation focuses attention on how many governments around the world mistreat their citizens, in an attempt to bring change to the locations.

Thor Halvorssen claims to belong nowhere. He speaks four languages fluently, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. He was born in Venezuela to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Halvorssen Sr. He has a sister and brother. His father was a senior aide to President Carlos Andres Perez Rodriguez. In 1993, his father was imprisoned for reporting wrongdoing in Venezuela. Ten years after his father’s ordeal, his mother was shot by Chavez security forces at a protest. She luckily survived. These activities pushed the younger Thor into a life of fighting for human rights.

Halvorssen is still a Venezuelan citizen but has not been back to his country for several years. He claims that he will be arrested if he returns. He refuses to talk about where he lives or what activities he is involved in because of death threats he has received.

Source: Buzzfeed

Keeping Negative Press Out Of The Public Eye

Online Reputation Reviews focuses on the importance of keeping positive reviews and positive press about a business with a web presence at the forefront of Google searches for that company. They provide ORM company reviews on many of the top companies in the business. They also find the importance in keeping negative reviews and bad press much farther down in the Google search pages. This reputation management company is not in the business of fixing a bad image so much as it it interested in keeping that image out of the public eye.

This is a very savvy way of keeping the reputation of a company, business or individual intact by way of what the public view’s on the internet. They recommend Status Labs as the best ORM company out there, as don’t think BrandYourself is that good. They know from experience that a company can do everything right, yet all it takes is one or a few disgruntled employees to drag their name through the mud. Or a customer who did not have things go his or way, by no fault of the company, so a negative review is written up.

Instances like these that tarnish the reputation of a company are by no fault of the company itself, but rather by the individual or individuals who have an ax to grind. This is where Online Reputation Reviews steps in. They understand the need for a positive web presence and they seem to have the experience it takes to be able to provide that service. Their site is very concise, easy to navigate and leaves no doubt as to whether this is the company you should be using for your own reputation management.

After Four Years of Drought and Legal Battles, Olympic Valley Incoporation Finally gets a Relief

Since the last four years, north-shore communities at Lake Tahoe faced Mother Nature and a number of legal challenges that could change the landscape of the Winter Resort, forever. Fortunately, for residents and businesses of Olympic Valley, the new year arrived with plenty of good news, which included early season storms and cold weather that has allowed resorts in the greater Tahoe area to open weeks before regular schedule.

The early winter storm is a blessing considering that ski resort communities like Olympic Valley experienced drought-like conditions for several years that severely shortened the ski season.

Just as the Mother Nature offered relief, the intense legal battle to incorporate picturesque Olympic Valley is also over as Incorporation-backers formally withdrew from the case.

For outsiders, the legal battle may seem to have trivial consequences on the future of Olympic Valley; however, for businesses such as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the end of the case is a huge success as incorporation would have led to more financial troubles for local businesses that are already suffering for years.

At the forefront of the legal battle is the CEO of the popular Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, who spent thousands of dollars in campaigning to stop the incorporation drive. According to the president and CEO, Andy Wirth, incorporation would increase taxes for the local businesses.

In addition, the level of service for such crucial community services including snow removal and road maintenance would also suffer if new service structure was established. Perhaps, the most important challenge of incorporation was pooling of resources for the local communities.

Mr. Wirth insisted that resorts and business in Olympic Valley share their sources to resolve regional issues. As such, any effort to incorporate the community would surely isolate the community from other north shore communities.

It is noteworthy that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings take keen interest in the development of Olympic Valley and adjacent resorts in Tahoe area. The relief from legal battles and Mother Nature would allow the company to develop new residential and commercial projects in the area. In fact, there is also a proposal for a gondola that would connect Squaw Valley with ski areas in Alpine Meadows.

The CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth, is one of the most popular names in the area. Andy has worked tirelessly for many years to develop Squaw Valley into one of the best ski destinations around the world.

In addition, Andy is always keen to develop a dream ski resort that would attract skiers of all levels and ages. Among multiple community projects, his contribution also includes efforts to protect local climate and assisting veteran families.

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Organizing Your Financials Can Mitigate Risk

As professionals go through their career, they often look for additional ways to add income so that their retirement will be better. One of the more popular ways to add to your income in recent years is to rent some of your home or vacation place using Air BNB.

The upside is that if you live in an area that people like to travel to, you can normally defray your expenses significantly. On the other hand, it is a good idea to work with a financial adviser before you jump into renting your places on Air BNB because they can point out ways to mitigate risk that you may not have considered.

One specialist in wealth management that is very in tune with how to shape extra streams of income so that you minimize liability is Richard Blair. Richard has spent decades working to protect and grow his clients’ wealth through his firm Wealth Solutions. When it comes to opportunities like Air BNB, he would point out all of the potential risk and then propose ways to optimize your revenue.

What is the Air BNB opportunity?

Air BNB is a service that allows you to rent part of your home or condominium as a bed and breakfast for travelers. It has been very useful for those who own condominiums in places like Hawaii. Some condominiums there have association fees of more than $2000, making it nice to have the occasional renter help owners pay for that.

Risks of using Air BNB as a revenue source

One of the problems with relying on Air BNB as a revenue source is that there is normally a gap in insurance coverage for your home and vacation place that does not take into account temporary rentals. It is possible for you to rely upon the insurance coverage that is offered by Air BNB to cover against any potential liability in case something goes wrong while there is a guest. Yet as their insurance is secondary coverage, you still need to find policies or partners that will cover you as a primary when you start renting or you will be personally liable should something go wrong.

Richard Blair is aware of this type of vagary and spends a great deal of time researching and explaining the ins and outs of different revenue sources so that his clientele approaches extra income opportunity without blinders on.

So if you would like to increase your revenue by adding extra investments or taking part in business opportunities, remember that talking to a financial expert like Richard Blair before you get started can save you time and money.

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Devco’s New Jersey Development Efforts

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority did not make the principal and interest payment it owed the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority earlier this year. The organization was supposed to pay the amount of $1 million. This was for a loan that amounted to $20 million. This was nothing new, however. The Middlesex group had skipped out on many payments for half a decade and needed to cover close to $7 million to make up for everything. They initially got the loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority back in 2005. It was for a New Brunswick, New Jersey hotel called The Heldrich. This hotel was planned by The New Brunswick Development Corp., a not-for-profit organization. It consists of 235 guest rooms and has had a difficult time getting business. Finances are a significant problem for the hotel. Information regarding the debts associated with this hotel appeared on the Press of Atlantic City website.
Devco is short for the “New Brunswick Development Corporation.” It’s a well-known real estate development firm that focuses on urban projects. It was established in the seventies. Its goal at that time was to organize redevelopment efforts. The corporation has been involved with a wide range of different projects since its inception. It’s been involved with developments that involve education, medical care, culture, government and transportation, for example.

Christopher J. Paladino is the President of Devco. Merissa A. Buczny, Randall L. Currier and Alison V. Brown are all Vice Presidents of the organization. Sarah F. Clarke is its executive Vice President. Other influential members of the firm’s management staff include development associates Robin Iantosca, Garrett Blitz, Dave Schwebel, Tracey O’Reggio and Wayne Koehler. People can reach out to the Devco team by email, telephone, fax or Facebook messaging. The organization also has a YouTube account for people to view.


FreedomPop’s Expansion

FreedomPop is a global mobile service that now offers customers with free amenities that are numerous and vast that only come with a small sign up fee to pay. FreedomPop is a company that was founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols in Los Angeles for the purpose of offering a top quality service to individuals who want to save money. Stephen Stokols specifically believes that wifi and a mobile carrier should be a right rather than a luxury especially in this day and age. Ever since the founding of this company, FreedomPop has grown exponentially to become one of the fastest growing mobile carriers in the world. With only five years of experience under the company’s belt, Mr. Stokols has attracted numerous investors with the same dream of offering free services at minimal cost. With this business model, FreedomPop will continue to grow vastly in popularity.

In recent news, FreedomPop has increased the number of free services offered to include Whatsapp. Whatsapp has officially been acquired by FreedomPop to now be a zero-rated plan which means that Whatsapp will offer top quality services at no cost. This new plan is currently only limited in Spain and will continue to grow as the popularity of this service continues to grow. Spain currently uses Whatsapp the most which has made this country the perfect candidate for testing out FreedomPop. Though FreedomPop has integrated Whatsapp into the services provided, Stephen Stokols has stated that FreedomPop has not and will not partner with other major companies such as Facebook or Whatsapp. With free services provided, FreedomPop currently offers free roaming in over 31 countries around the world. This number, thanks to Stephen Stokols and his team will continue to grow in numbers over the next few years.

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Boraie Development Helps Fund a Free Summer Movie Program in New Brunswick, New Jersey

According to The New Jersey Stage, The State Theatre of New Brunswick, New Jersey, is glad to announce the Free Summer Movies Series, sponsored by Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation. The movies featured are, on July 12th: Frozen, July 19th: E.T., July 26th: Despicable ME 2, August 2nd: Babe, August 9th: Monsters University, and August 16th: Aladdin.

Tickets are free to the community, showing will be at 10:30am and 7:00pm, each day.
The State Theatre is a historic 1921 movie palace and has become one of New Jersey’s best venues for film and live performances. Read more:  Boraie Development offers luxury living at The Aspire

“As part of our mission we are committed to presenting affordable family-friendly programming. Our year-round Community Access Initiative invites our community to enjoy a variety of free events at the State Theatre. With the generosity of Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation, we will reach a larger number of families this summer—around 7,500 people,” Anna Marie Gewirtz, State Theatre Vice President of Development & Strategic Partnerships.

Executive Director of The Provident Bank Foundation, Jane Kurek, stated the company is thrilled to help provide families of all backgrounds with movies everyone will enjoy. Learn more about Boraie Development:

Hiam Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development, claimed the company was proud to sponsor this program, again.
The State Theatre’s State-of-the-art HD digital cinema projection system, includes a Barco projector, and a digital surround sound. The audiences can choose from the balcony or downstairs, closer to the 46′ Stewart film screen.

Groups of 20 or more, those planning a bus trip, or patrons requiring accessible seating, please call 732-246-7469 or go online: No reservations are required for groups under 20. For more information, call the State Theatre ticket office at 732-246-SHOW (7469).

The State Theatre ticket office is located at 15 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick NJ, is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm; Saturday 1pm to 5pm; and at least three hours prior to curtain on performance dates unless otherwise specified.

Boraie Development LLC offers a wide range of services focused on all areas of the real estate market. Their team is dedicated to building properties while providing exceptional service to clients.

Conservatives attack George Soros

George Soros is a leading progressive thinker. For more than two decades, Soros has helped fund progressive campaigns throughout the world and has contributed heavily to progressive thought. Every year, Soros searches for new causes to fund and he keeps several progressive institutions running. The impact that Soros has had on liberal thought around the world is immeasurable, but many do not like Soros.

George Soros has been a major enemy for conservatives for years. Many are content to simply dislike him, but there are those that hate him enough to take any action necessary to stop him. Several conservative thinkers have committed fraud and libel to destroy George Soros. One such conservative is James O’Keefe.

James O’Keefe is a conservative prankster who wanted to infiltrate the Open Society Foundation. He made a call to the foundation and identified himself as Victor Kesh. He stated that he wanted to help the organization fight for European values and that he was very interesting in joining. His attempt to infiltrate the organization would have been successful except he left the phone on after he was done. The person on the other end listened to James describe his exact plan and James was caught. The recorded conversation was bounced around the Open Society Foundation and they finally decided to expose James and his devious ways. James has now spent the last few weeks trying to handle the scheme, while the Open Society Foundations work to enhance their security.
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The Open Society Foundations is a network of progressive organizations that hold a common vision for the future. They operate in a hundred different countries, and they hope to create a world in which rights are respected, governments are held accountable, and the truth is available. The network is the largest of it’s kind and it is making a major impact on the world. The group of organizations is constantly growing, so some conservative organizations view the foundation as a threat.

The Open Society Foundations is a great organization, but it is just part of George Soros’ impact on the world. George Soros has worked for years to bring justice to the world. He started his philanthropy in the late seventies by giving scholarships to black South Africans who were suffering under apartheid. During the eighties, he worked to undermine the brutal Eastern European regimes by using Xerox’s to produce more banned texts. These texts helped people throughout Eastern Europe rise up. After Communism fell, Soros invested heavily in education, so that brutal regimes would never rise again. His investments into education have helped preserve Western culture and promoted progressivism throughout the world.

Soros has also dedicated his life to protecting the environment. Soros has spent millions on oversight organizations. These organizations closely watch natural resource extraction to protect the environment for years to come. Soros has been praised for his efforts by environmentalists everywhere.

George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have made a huge impact on the world, and conservatives cannot stop them. They will work hard for years to come.