Bruce Levenson Looks to Future with Sale of Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson came into Atlanta with one goal on his mind: make the Atlanta Hawks a better franchise than when he found them. Back in 2004 the Atlanta Hawks were coming off of a string of abysmal seasons and the franchise needed a change. This is where Levenson came into play. Over the next decade Levenson would turn the Hawks around and create a culture of winning that would eventually culminate in back to back 50 win seasons and a Eastern Conference Finals berth. While Atlanta hasn’t leapt to a Championship Title they have made major waves. Now Levenson is selling the team and moving on, having accomplished his goal. See,

The climate for NBA team sales has been getting hotter and hotter lately. The Los Angeles Clippers set the market when owner Steve Ballmer shipped the team out and now Levenson is reaping the benefits. UCG co-founder Bruce Levenson managed to find a buyer with a quickness after putting an $850 million price tag on the franchise. Antony Ressler, a fund manager, was the first person to bite with a real offer and his buying group was quick to wrap things up. According to, Ressler was joined by former NBA star Grant Hill among a host of others looking to get their hands in on a team.

What Atlanta offers Ressler and the new owners is simple: a premier franchise in a hot market with a rabid fan base. Atlanta fans have gotten used to winning thanks to a strong couple of years with Levenson in charge. Now so long as Ressler focuses on continuing those winning ways, everything should come up roses. Ressler was quick to say that he was “proud” to become a “steward” for the NBA franchise. Now what remains to be seen is if he can turn his ambition into winning for Atlanta.

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Mike Baur Helps the Business Startups Thrive

Mike Baur has worked in the banking industry for has many as 20 years. He has been able to take the experience and move on to another level. He is the co-founder of Swiss Factory. This is a company that has managed to help so many entrepreneurs change the direction of their companies. People that have been struggling with getting their businesses off the ground can suddenly become profitable. Small businesses doors that may be on the verge of closing can be rejuvenated when the Swiss Factory team comes into the picture. This is the type of organization that has a team that can totally change the perspective of a business owner.


The Swiss Factory has what is called the accelerator plan. This is the thing that has made people recognize what Mike Baur and other team members like Max Miester and Lina Bee are doing. These are the business professionals that have things like digital strategy development and a team of 360 Services that can move a team forward. This is the type of organization that has managed to give people a lot of insight about what they are doing wrong.


Sometimes entrepreneurs have a great idea, but they have no clue about how to execute the idea. In many cases the execution of the idea is more important than the original idea. There are lots of businesses that have less than stellar products or services, but the business has still become profitable because the idea was executed successfully. By the same token, there are other businesses that have started with good ideas and the business has still failed. What Mike Baur has done is gather a team of individuals that can train all of those that need to find the way to execute their strategies with success.


This is one of the reasons that people have become so familiar with the Swiss Start Up Factory. It is the company that makes businesses better. It is the type of company that has leaders in place that are going to help the startup companies grow. There some programs that are short, and there are others that can last 3 months or more. These various programs are designed to help a number of businesses make improvements. There some are startups that can improve the number of investors that will help fund these companies. That is why the Swiss Factory is important for startups.