Colibri Studio’s Bridget Scarr Loves Content In All Forms

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer and writer. She has an affinity for creating compelling content. Her projects range from interactive exhibition, television and digital content, augmented reality to virtual reality. These projects resonate well with large audiences both emotionally and intellectually. Additionally, Bridget is a seasoned executive producer with more than 15 years of production experience in television, advertising, and animation.


In her illustrious career, Bridget Scarr has been supervising the creative development along with the creative and technical production output of groups of 5 to 220 individuals. She has worked for many productions, including children’s animation, drama, factual entertainment and lifestyle programming.


Presently, Bridget leads the content development, strategy, and partnerships at Colibri Studios. At the company, she is involved in daily development and collaborating with global broadcasters, creative talent, and project partners to bring projects to life.


Speaking on the origin of the idea behind Colibri Studios, Bridget said that in her previous career, she was a television producer mainly working on actualizing other people’s ideas. When she opted to make a career move into the creative elements of content creation, the idea of her company was born. She noted that she wanted a home for her ideation and Colibri served this objective well. According to Bridget, Colibri brings all her ideas to life in one place.


When she is not undertaking a television project, she is working her first novel and first album. Bridget loves content in all its forms because it has the power to shift mindsets and transform the world that people live in instantly. She remarks that creativity can be an authoritative force and an agent of change. Bridget notes that creativity has been a savior in her life along with her partner and son. It provides her with a personal outlet, a space for fun, and a fresh kind of freedom of expression.


When responding on how her typical day looks like and how she makes it productive, Bridget remarked that she starts her day with meditation. It helps her get energized and focused. Subsequently, she takes a light breakfast with her family before commuting shortly to the office. While on her way to the office, she does not plays on her phone. She uses that time to focus on the goals she has set for the day and the projects she is working on. From 9 am to 12 noon, Bridget focuses on all her research and writing content. From 2 pm, she follows up on her emails, reads a book and finds another project inspiration. After dinner, she watches a new TV series.


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Dr. Mark McKenna: CEO and Founder of ShapeMed and OVME

S Mark McKenna: Interview Recap

Mark McKenna is a Medical Doctor who is actively involved in the field of Surgery and Medicine. He has a medical license from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He is a family man and is married to Gianine McKenna, and together they have two children. In a recent interview by ideamensch, Dr. Mark McKenna dived into his life, giving people a glimpse of who he is and his journey in the medical field.

He is the founder and CEO of OVME, a medical aesthetics company. In his interview, Dr. McKenna revealed that he conceived the idea of starting OVME after working in the medical aesthetic industry for more than a decade. He is a big goal setter and likes to visualize his goals. He also practices the art of meditation and has found it to be a recipe for success. He also makes a point of surrounding himself with brilliant people because of the mental challenge they present. Dr. McKenna is also into reading and would recommend the book Think and grow rich to anyone.

About S Mark McKenna

S Mark McKenna, MD, MBA grew up in New Orleans, LA. He has a medical degree from the Tulane University. He began practicing medicine with his father. He also worked hard to start McKenna Venture Investments. He has a passion and is committed to giving back to the community. This commitment was proven when he helped in the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.


Dr. Mark McKenna is not only a medic but an entrepreneur as well. In 2007, he started the ShapeMed in Atlanta. He has based this practice on wellness and aesthetic. He previously served in the Life Time Fitness Inc., where he held a position as the National Medical Director. He has also served as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He also featured on the CBS television show, Doctorpreneur. He is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Dr. McKenna is a medical profession with a knack for investment and making a difference in the medical field.

Boraie Development Supports A Community Initiative In New Jersey

Boraie Development, a real estate developer in New Jersey proved its commitment to the community by sponsoring a free movie series initiative at the State Theatre. The community initiative, Free Summer Movies Series, will give local families and youths a chance to get free entertainment at the State Theatre. The movies featured are Monsters University, Babe, Aladdin, Despicable Me 2, Frozen and Extra Terrestrial. Hiam Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development, said they were honored to sponsor the event in favor of the local families and the young people. Free Movie Summer Series will offer viewers a unique experience. The State Theatre’s state-of-art HD digital cinema projection system includes a Barco projector, a 46’ Stewart film screen and digital sound. The event was also sponsored by the Provident bank Foundation. This information was originally mentioned on New Jersey Stage as highlighted in this link


About Boraie Development


Boraie Development is a leading real estate company in New Jersey. The company has vast experience in property management, and sales and marketing. Focusing on urban development, the company collaborates with top financial institutions, architects and contractors to deliver outstanding properties within the set deadlines. Boraie Development has rendered their services in the real estate industry for over three decades. They combine their extensive experience with determination to develop exceptional properties in the market. Through their property management program that includes constant physical improvements, Boraie Development ensures the maximum value and durability of buildings. In addition, they have a strong sales and marketing team that works to ensure successful commercialization of their properties. You can search him on Yahoo for more.


According to WSJ, Boraie Development has played an instrumental role in restoring the glory of New Brunswick. Before Boraie Development’s intervention, the city’s buildings were deplorable. With declining property values and relative neglect, New Brunswick resembled a deserted town. The city has now shown signs of improvements with notable residential, academic and commercial properties. Being the center of Rutgers University main campus, Omar Boraie, the president of Boraie Development, saw a demand for urban renewal projects to serve the university while attracting millenials who prefer transit-friendly residential properties. One of the developments affiliated with Boraie Development is The Aspire.  Check out Central Jersey Working Moms, the Aspire is a 17-story luxury residential property, which is located near the train station. It offers an uptown lifestyle, considering that it has a community kitchen and lounge, a 27/4 doorman, fitness and yoga center, and an onsite parking. The other properties owned by the noble companies include Albany Street Plaza Tower One with exceptional office space, Albany Street Plaza Tower Two and the One Spring Street condominium. This information was originally reported on as outlined in the following link



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Sawyer Howitt’s Word To His Fellow Millennials

At the age of 17, Sawyer Howitt has managed to accomplish more than most people would achieve all their lives. It would be right to say that he was born with a business mind.

He is a project manager at a Portland business known as Meriwether Group. He helps both small and large businesses to find the chance to adopt new technology. Aside from his profession, Sawyer Howitt is a student at Columbia University. He is also a benevolent person and a great champion of youth mentorship. In his diverse interests, Sawyer Howitt has had the opportunity to work with various entrepreneurs, fellow students both at school and in internships. He has gotten lots insights for having worked with business people.

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The technological advancements are providing the young people with a rare opportunity to make a mark in business. If only they capitalize on their strengths, it is possible for teens and youths in their early 20s to build a pathway for a successful future in business, especially because they are innovative. Before starting any business venture, the young people ought to know that there is a need for prior preparation. There is no reason to wait until they advance in age because doing so results to time wastage and missed opportunities. Despite the fact that young people lack the expertise and relevant experience in their fields, they can compensate this with persistence and viewing things in a different perspective. According to Sawyer Howitt, choosing a company that enlightens you and networking is an added advantage. It is also important to always have confidence in your work.

Sawyer Howitt is involved in various charity courses. He has a good personality. He is also in charge of several mentorship programs that seek to empower the youth and those which champion for the rights of women.

When it comes to the world of business and finance, Sawyer Howitt has proven to the world that he understands it. He has various skills including customer care. As technology advances, Sawyer Howitt plans to continue evolving in his business. He is not mean with his knowledge. He keeps sharing tips with the young people.

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A Review Of David McDonald’s Illustrative Career

OSI Group has recruited the services of experienced and visionary leaders. One of them is David McDonald, the company’s president and chief operating officer. OSI Group supplies value added protein products to retail brands globally. Some of the companies that rely on their delicious and nutritious products are McDonalds and King Burgers.

As the corporation’s president, David has put a lot of efforts towards ensuring that it has a solid global network. He has also devised innovative strategies that have helped OSI Group to enhance customer satisfaction. Through its sound consumer care unit, the company has been able to listen to the concerns of the consumers and address them accordingly.

McDonald was a good student and had passion for science. After completing his high school education, he joined Iowa State University where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in animal science in 1987. After graduation, David joined OSI Group. The executive leader believed that he had what it takes to steer the company to success. His determination and will to succeed saw him rise through the corporate ladder to become the company’s president and COO. Through his visionary leadership, OSI Group has been able to expand its operations to different parts of the globe.

Under McDonald’s tenure OSI Group, through OSI China, supplied athletes and fans during the Beijing 2008 Olympics games with over 100 tons of assorted food products. The assorted food products included beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and onions dehydrated. The company’s board was pleased with McDonald’s commitment of enhancing the company’s goal of offering world-class products and services.

OSI Group’s sustainability efforts have tremendously improved under David’s leadership. According to a 2016 report on Global Sustainability, the company reported much progress on sustainability in every aspect of its business. The company is planning to reduce its energy and water intensity by over 10 percent by 2020. This improvement will not only make the company’s operations sustainable, but also make their products affordable, thus increasing the company’s profitability margins. In Europe, each of the company’s facilities has attained the ISO14001 certifications. The company also has a philanthropic arm that is dedicated to feeding societies facing malnutrition challenges.

In the recent past, they donated over 25 metric tons of food to Philippines. David McDonald is also involved in expanding the company’s competitive advantage through acquisitions. Recently, the company acquired Baho Food. David noted that this newly acquired company would play a pivotal role in enabling OSI Group to expand its market presence and brand in Europe.

David McDonald’s OSI Group info: