OSI Industries Inc. President, David McDonald Improves International Expansion

OSI Industries is one of the top food processing facilities in America proudly based in Aurora, Illinois. Their employee portfolio includes over 20,000+ professional workers and continues to grow. They ensure their customers and partners alike, a safe and nutritious meal backed by the strictest federal government regulations in the industry. Many food processing facilities were not ready to respond to a stabilized food network, but OSI Industries was and gained the trust of their international partners says, McDonald. PRN Newswire has reported their estimated net worth at over $40 billion dollars and expected to grow.

More About David McDonald

David McDonald received his degree in business from Iowa state. His colleague’s say, he was able to bring his professional background in food service to the table to make major business moves within the OSI Industries network. He once served as the chairman of the North America Meat Institute before he began his career at OSI Industries Inc. He has over 16 years experience in the food service industry and would like to continue to motivate his team to bring their best to the food industry to satisfy and ensure the safety of the public. He also designates his time, money, and resources to the local charitable organizations like the Ronald McDonald house.

News About David McDonald

It is no secret that McDonald pushed the bid on a recent Chicago Tyson plant. He understood the importance of giving back to the community and his successful bid offer was able to save the jobs of thousands of current workers. OSI will continue to process Tyson food products, but will also combine their organic vegetable products ad other frozen meat products to their assembly line. They are proud to announce they will continue to process the industries top food products under the Tyson deal.

Now is a great time to inquiry about one of many unique job opportunities available at OSI Industries. They provide a diverse work opportunity with professionals, food specialist, and more. You’ll love coming to work everyday being a productive part of your environment. They offer full, part-time, and salary employment opportunities for qualified professionals. Their website has a complete listing of their current employment opportunities and is updated monthly. You’re invited to visit the OSI Industries website and inquire about taking a tour of their headquarters for your elementary school trip, church function, or food processing training today.

Learn More: www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17665897-david-mcdonald

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