Anthony Petrello Is Not Your Ordinary Leader

Anthony Petrello has quite a bit “on his plate,” as it pertains to his successful roles of Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

Tony Petrello, a.k.a. Anthony Petrello is the illustrious leader of the world-class oil and gas organization. He possesses an impressive mathematical background: two degrees from Yale University (a B.S. degree, and an M.S. degree); and a law degree from Harvard Law School.

His mathematical genius comes in handy, in understanding well-bore placement, what is required in way of state-of-the-art well digging equipment and relative data. It goes without saying, quite a bit of geometry is used in the industry. Since Petrello easily understands Mathematics: he understands, too, what is needed, in order to provide the field operator with the best in technology, as it applies to equipment, in the field.

It probably was “in the stars,” or meant to be that Anthony Petrello become the leader of the world-class organization of Nabors Industries, Ltd. His mathematical genius is very necessary, in order to provide the organization with the proper strategy in attaining excellence.

His strong leadership qualities, attract a highly intelligent and skilled work-force. Suffice it to say: the best of leaders, such as Anthony Petrello, attract a labor force that is well-qualified to meet the challenges of oil and gas well drilling.

Too: Petrello needs to take on the challenges of international as well as domestic regulations and laws. He is qualified to do it. Anthony Petrello’s firm educational background; and his intelligent mind and experience, allow him to take the progressive oil and gas company–Nabors Industries, Ltd. far into the future, in a most prosperous and promising way. He is the natural born leader–so it seems–for the highly, challenging oil and gas industry.

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