Perception is Reality for EOS Lip Balm Consumers

Fast company has been tracking the untold story of how the EOS brand of lip balm has dismantled the leadership of ChapStick and overshadow this company that many people that was once the lip balm leader. EOS is the brand that the working class and celebrities are patronizing when it comes to lip balm products. Other companies that are selling products for dry chapped lips are all selling the same thing. It isn’t about what you are selling when it comes to this type of product. It is much more about the perception of what you are selling. Smooth products is what the Evolution of Smooth is marketing.

This is the thing that sets the Evolution of Smooth apart from other companies that may have simply jumped on the bandwagon for selling lip balm products. EOS lip balm made a conscious effort to separate from the mainstream by creating products that were recognizable because of the abundant colors. This company also managed to create products that were both characterized as smooth products for the lips.

This will play the intricate part in the way that people perceive the EOS lip balm. It may have essentially been designed to do the same thing that other companies were doing, but the founders of EOS lip balm made sure that this company had a different look and feel. The lip balm spears were different. The abundant flavors were different. All of these were things that would essentially bring forth a whole new product lineup for Kohls and Ulta consumers. All of these are things that would you have given customers something to think about. Before all the lip balm products seemed similar. Now it appears that is lip balm is something that stands out from the rest because it has been perceived to be different.

Karl Heideck – Multitalented Professional Litigator

Multitalented Professional Litigator Karl Heideck

Multitalented Professional Litigator Karl Heideck

Litigation is an action taken before the court to push for a particular right. It is the strategy of obtaining a case and of itself; a legitimate dispute or challenge. The procedure is likewise alluded as dispute resolution. It incorporates any assistance provided to people who have debate including business matters, companies or individuals with differences concerning banking transactions, competition, restructuring problems, and contractual matters among other issues. While, litigators are people who come in the middle to represent litigants or offended parties in common cases to help customers in the strategies of pleadings, discoveries and investigations.

A litigator fundamentally involves in considerable authority in ensuring any legitimate movement upon people and firms and tackles every issue through. In such circumstance, the litigator represents a respondent or offended party in civil cases. The litigator will assist the client amid the time spent with his services also being helpful in bid, settlement, pre-trial and trial levels.

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For those planning to figure out on if their lawful matter is part of litigation, you need to weight on if your evidence would go through if taken before the court of law. If that is the case, the case is said to meet the minimal litigation standards the process starts with getting a litigator. Sometimes the evidence carried forward may not be enough or majority of people involved in the case decides to come into agreement, the case cannot be termed as litigation.

Karl Heideck is a professional litigator based in Philadelphia where he works at Grant and Eisenhofer as a contract advisor. He spends a significant amount of his time in risk management, compliance and litigation practices. In the years, Heideck has wide experience in investigating discovery substances which are used for advanced security litigation or misrepresentation in the monetary sector. Karl Heideck is currently known worldwide with his efforts in litigation sector having continued to help many beyond boundaries.

Omar Boraie: Real Estate Meets Community Development

In the United States, there are many real estate developers whose ambition is to build multi-dollar luxury apartments and condos in exclusive areas of the country. However, a few developers have developed a passion for investing in properties but communities as too. One of these developers is Omar Boraie, a real estate developer and businessman. Boraie is also a philanthropist and the founder f the Boraie Development. He is also its Vice President.

Boraie Development has transformed the New Brunswick area, from nothing into an urban orchard. Thanks to Boraie, the community has witnessed the massive development projects that have changed their lives for the better. Born and raised in Egypt, Omar Boraie arrived in New Brunswick with a lot of ideas and big development plans. He wanted to put up modern buildings in the area, community houses as well as posh apartments.

According to NJ, when he started his projects, people were skeptical and doubtful about the whole idea. The dying neighborhood did not show much promise when he started off. However, this did not pull Boraie away from his ambitions for the community’s future. With his development company and a team of professionals, Boraie initiated several real estate development projects in the area. These projects ended up changing the face of the community. Some of Boraie’s major projects in New Brunswick include The Aspire, Rector Street and Albany Street Plaza. Apart from his projects in New Brunswick, Boraie also has others in Atlantic City and Newark area.

Omar Boraie may be one of the most reputed real estate developers in the New Brunswick area. However, he is equally known for his philanthropic acts. As a philanthropist, his vision is to see to it that the community also benefits from his developments. He has also contributed to several social causes. Boraie also serves in the Board of Trustees for the New Brunswick’s State Theater. His company sponsors several activities and events by the institution. See,

Omar Boraie is also a member of the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit organization in New Brunswick, reveals The organization feeds the hungry as a way of contributing to the community’s development.

What You Should And Should Not Do On Social Media For Your Brand

Brand reputation is being increasingly made up of your brand’s presence and image on social media. A more positive image and stronger presence on social media will result in an overall better reputation and more fame of your brand. In fact, social media such as Facebook can influence up to 52% of purchasing decision both online and offline according to a recent survey. This is an increase of almost 20% when the survey was done in 2014. Below are some things that you should and should not do to improve you social media image and presence.

Don’t be too pushy or try to market your product aggressively. This is in fact counterproductive and will turn customers away from your product. Instead focus on creating user generated content by highlighting customer testimonials or experiences. Make social media content customer centered and throw in a little marketing here and there and you have a winning formula.

Do not ignore legitimate user complaints. One research study by IC Media Direct reviews found that the leading cause of customers leaving one brand for another was a lack of or bad customer service. Address legitimate customer complaints as best you can. Customers who feel their needs are addressed and resolved are very likely to not only stay a customer but promote your brand through positive feedback and word of mouth. Ignoring legitimate complaints can only create doom for you company through negative feedback and badmouthing on the web.

Do monitor your brand mentions. Don’t assume that what is being said all over the web is not important. By monitoring your brand on the web even in places such as forums, you can get a much deeper picture of what people really think of it. If you monitor your brand, you can also address any new complaints you find and help resolve issues. Brand monitoring is important because you can uncover new complaints and see feedback that you may have previously missed.

Reply to messages promptly. Use an autoreply software if you have to, if you cannot respond immediately. Studies show that companies who respond quickly to customers are more likely to receive referrals and positive feedback. At the very least acknowledge a customer, while you are working out on a reply.

Securus Shares Customer Praise, Commits to Service Law Enforcement

Feedback is crucial to any company interested in knowing how their customer base feels about the products they offer and the services they provide, but few are as proud of the comments they hear as Securus Technologies. One of law enforcement’s favorite Tech partners, Securus is confidently displaying feedback from customers that show what kind of job they’re doing for this important sector.


CEO and Chairman of Securus, Richard A. Smith has announced that company will be publishing an assortment of correspondence sent to them from clients working in law enforcement, correctional facilities, and various public safety agencies. The feedback highlights how Securus’s products are applied and how services streamline their functions, which Smith takes as high praise.


For Securus, looking over customer correspondence and taking the time to consider how the work they do is received is at the core of the company’s business ethic. With new products or services made available weekly, Smith points out that Securus’s output must be done with ease of use and effectiveness in mind.


Law enforcement and correctional facilities encounter a great deal of stress and challenges in order to keep the public safe, and Securus prides itself on being able to make those tasks just a little easier. That’s why Smith says the company prides itself on keeping a line of communication open to clients and the readiness to consider praise and criticism with equal seriousness.


Securus receives correspondence by the thousands, and many of them have been packed in this package for the public to review. While a great deal of said correspondence highlights the usefulness of what the company has to offer its clients, Smith says that much of the feedback stands as a testament to Securus’s crucial role in assisting law enforcement and public safety institutions.


Confident of their role in helping the criminal justice system operating a little more effectively, Smith also reminds the public that there’s a standing open invitation to those who may be considering investing in the company or using their products and services to visit their headquarters in Dallas, Texas and see just how Securus Technologies works to make the country a little safer.

David Giertz Address The Elephant In The Room: Social Security

Longstanding financial adviser, David Giertz of Nationwide Financial, recently sat down with the Wallstreet Journal’s Veronica Dagher to discuss the problems surrounding social security. David Giertz made it clear that the problem was not social security itself but rather the way it was and is being discussed within the financial advisory industry. Ms. Dagher notes that there is a huge problem, backed up by a wealth of statistics, which indicates that financial advisers simply are not talking about social security enough with their clients and asks her guest why he thinks this is the case.


Mr. Giertz states that there are numerous reasons why this trend seems to have gained such prevalence, primarily, the intricate complexity of the social security rules. For instance, the social security handbook, in its current form has over 27,000 rules alone, to say nothing of any of the other material surrounding social security. Naturally, that is a enormous amount of information to digest and can prove problematic to remember consistently even for financial adviser professionals.


That being said, Mr. Geirtz thinks that more financial advisers should be concerned about the issue, as much for their own sake as for the sake of their clients. It is obvious that not getting enough information from a financial adviser whom one is paying is naturally not getting one’s money’s worth. However, taking out social security too early can also put a huge hole in one’s nest egg and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. From a financial advisers point of view, customer retention is key – after all, one can’t expect one’s customers to stick around if you (the financial adviser) are not giving them all the relevant information they need to insure the safety and health of their retirement fund.

Ryan Emmons is Making an Ecologically Friendly Footprint with Mineral-enriched Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Now That’s Refreshing: 22-Year-Old’s Hawaiian Bottled Water Grows 4000% in 3 Years” by Forbes

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is not just one of the thousands of bottled waters that are on the market today. In three years, it has grown 4000 percent and continues to grow at a rate of 170 percent annually. Young entrepreneur Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea Water, the unique natural volcanic water company, in 2012.

Ryan, at the age of 22, was a freshman in college, but he realized that the water he was drinking when he went home to Hawaii to visit his family was much a much better quality and taste than the bottled water he typically drank.

Ryan has a global perspective about Waiakea Water along with a vision of sustainability that he has incorporated into the company with the motto of his generation: Drink healthy, Drink sustainably, Drink ethically. This motto is what he built Waiakea on. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

For the containers, Ryan uses pre-recycled bottles and high-quality, 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate for the containers. This material is sustainable because it uses 85 percent less energy to manufacture than the traditional, virgin plastic. It is also BPA free and reduces carbon emissions by 90 percent.

This naturally pure water is packed with a unique mineral composition, which has a high pH level. It has been infused with electrolytes such as silica, sodium, calcium, potassium, and, yet the consistency is not hard, but soft and smooth. The water is taken directly from the Mauna Loa Volcano, which is located on the big island of Hawaii.

The water falls 14,000 feet through the volcano into the Waiakea Springs below; during the fall the many minerals are absorbed into the untouched water. The local residents have been drinking it for centuries.

This high-alkaline and electrolyte-enriched water is what makes Waiakea Water unique. The high-quality, naturally alkaline water is quickly gaining a loyal following with the millennials, and through PumpAid, Ryan is giving back a percentage of it to needy communities and villages in Africa. On every level, this isn’t the average bottled water company.

The Status of Brazilian Startup Sector in 2017

Recently, the Brazilian startup industry has experienced exponential growth. According to Flavio Maluf on, the CEO of Eucatex Companies, the Brazilian Association of Start-ups has registered over 4200 new companies in the field of e-commerce, health, education, SaaS, and entertainment. This growth is visible due to the existence of critical professionals, knowledgeable in managing particular tasks in these companies. Gama Experience conducted a survey of the areas that will be a hotspot for startups in 2017. According to Flavio Maluf, technology will take center stage. The areas to explore include:

Customer relations

Investing in customer experience will be on the rise. Enhancing customers’ satisfaction results in increased sales on Therefore, businesses will venture into providing quality customer service while selling their products. For startups, achieving excellent client relations will lead them to acquire more customers.

Making e-commerce ventures

Venturing in e-commerce involves setting up websites to attract new customers. E-commerce ventures try to provide solutions to the client’s pre-existing problems.

Use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Application of Cascading Style Sheets when creating websites makes web pages more appealing to customers. Websites endowed with colors, excellent layouts, fonts, elements, and shapes help in selling the company. For startups to thrive, they will need to hire people with the high expertise and skills in IT.

Flavio Maluf’s role at Eucatex Group

Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneur and president of Eucatex Group. He is also a senior executive officer of GrandFood and a graduate of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Maluf began working at Eucatex in 1987. He was able to rise above ranks, excelling in every department he was assigned to manage. In 1996, his uncle recognized his efforts and appointed him to the executive team. A year later, Maluf was appointed the president of Eucatex Group. For close to two decades, Flavio Maluf has managed to make the company one of the top construction material and furniture manufacturers in South America. Maluf has grown this company into an international business that supplies its products to over 37 countries worldwide. Eucatex Group also has a recycling plant that generates cost-effective and eco-conscious energy at

Norman Pattiz Launches The Latest Jericho Network Program


The new podcast called Beyond the Darkness has been announced by Norman Pattiz who is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. This will be exploring paranormal. PodcastOne is being touted as the largest podcast network of America that is supported by advertisers. This will be the latest show on the podcast network of WWE star Chris Jericho. It will feature entertaining conversations with researchers and experiencers from around the world. This way it will be challenging everything that you may know about ghosts or ghouls or even angels and demons. There would be myths busted on aliens, monster encounters as well as mysteries and miracles. This show will be hosted by the author as well as radio host Dave Schrader, along with radio producer and host Tim Dennis. There will be new episodes being released every Monday. These will be released on, as well as on the PodcastOne app besides iTunes.



In fact, Chris is being considered as a jewel in this PodcastOne network by Norman Pattiz. The Jericho Network collection had to evolve beyond wrestling. Chris has been able to deliver comedians through this show. Now he is going to take everyone into the paranormal with the new show, Beyond the Darkness.



Chris Jericho has made a statement that he is himself feeling quite creepy as he is announcing the addition of the Beyond the Darkness podcast which will become a part of The Jericho Network! The hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis are going to bring in their massive fan base. All these fans have trust and belief in them as well as their subject matter. In fact, Chris fully believes that Beyond the Darkness is going to grow their audience on The Jericho Network, which is already massive. Besides, they are going to get scared, and the audience base will increase accordingly. This is exactly what any podcast network would dream of.



Hence things are looking really good for Norman. His podcasts are already garnering a lot of attention that has made him earn a huge audience base. Now he plans to add on new shows, get new hosts and this will only help to enhance the audience base still further.



He has great ideas, and he is using them to make his podcasts popular. This is an innovative strategy which is already working out very well for him.


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Anthony Petrello Is Not Your Ordinary Leader

Anthony Petrello has quite a bit “on his plate,” as it pertains to his successful roles of Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

Tony Petrello, a.k.a. Anthony Petrello is the illustrious leader of the world-class oil and gas organization. He possesses an impressive mathematical background: two degrees from Yale University (a B.S. degree, and an M.S. degree); and a law degree from Harvard Law School.

His mathematical genius comes in handy, in understanding well-bore placement, what is required in way of state-of-the-art well digging equipment and relative data. It goes without saying, quite a bit of geometry is used in the industry. Since Petrello easily understands Mathematics: he understands, too, what is needed, in order to provide the field operator with the best in technology, as it applies to equipment, in the field.

It probably was “in the stars,” or meant to be that Anthony Petrello become the leader of the world-class organization of Nabors Industries, Ltd. His mathematical genius is very necessary, in order to provide the organization with the proper strategy in attaining excellence.

His strong leadership qualities, attract a highly intelligent and skilled work-force. Suffice it to say: the best of leaders, such as Anthony Petrello, attract a labor force that is well-qualified to meet the challenges of oil and gas well drilling.

Too: Petrello needs to take on the challenges of international as well as domestic regulations and laws. He is qualified to do it. Anthony Petrello’s firm educational background; and his intelligent mind and experience, allow him to take the progressive oil and gas company–Nabors Industries, Ltd. far into the future, in a most prosperous and promising way. He is the natural born leader–so it seems–for the highly, challenging oil and gas industry.

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