The Stake of The Rock Nation

According to the article on, the landmark USD 150 million deal of Jay Z with the Live Nation was coming to an end. The rap mogul is discovering opinions of other bigwigs in the music industry about involvement in Roc Nation, which is his recorded-music business.In 2008, Jay signed a historic 10-year deal with the Live Nation for 150 million dollars. That “360 deal” is ending in 2018, which may trigger a buyout agreement, meaning that either party might sell their share in the Roc Nation company to the other co-owner or acquire the company completely.

A music insider stated that the 360 deal of Jay with the Live Nation is not going to be extended. The Live Nation had bought a part of the rights of the artists and recorded music, but they aren’t going to extend any of those relationships. The Live Nation isn’t in the line of recorded music buying any more. The artists of the Roc Nation include Shakira, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Rihanna, and Jay. Jay and Desiree Perez (Jay’s top Roc Nation exec) met with the UMG CEO and chairman, Sir Lucian Grainge, at his office in Santa Monica, California, which sparked speculation that Universal Music Group might buy a share in the Roc Nation.

That move might give Jay Z more resources of developing new artists and support his streaming service Tidal that’s in an acrimonious dispute with the Spotify services and larger Apple Music. UMG insiders stated that the company had already made a deal for distribution with the Roc Nation.Desiree Perez has been Jay’s close associate for nearly 20 years. She played a big part in the Samsung deal with Rihana. She’s part of the cooperative running the whole Roc Nation operation, its management sections, publishing, and labeling operations.

Marc Sparks for Christ

Marc Sparks is on a mission to change this world with the love of Jesus Christ – once and for all – and that mission, as you can no doubt imagine, is not an easy one but still one far worth pursuing, especially for its eternal benefits and rewards. Marc loves Jesus Christ with a passion and wants to share of that love with every person he comes across, be it a small toddler or an elderly lady – Marc loves everyone, just as Jesus does. The phenomenal part is this: Marc has so much money and success that he could literally retire and be happy for generations to come, but do you want to know what he does instead? He gives to the poor and needy and looks out for the orphan and widow, noting that God cannot have him sit by and watch others suffer as he sits on his own piles of money and gold. Learn more:


No, Marc cannot sit idly by: He has a divine calling that comes from God alone, and that mission statement includes making this world a better place; he wants all people to get along and to know what it is like to truly be alive. This rich entrepreneur is one of the few: He appears to not use his own power and resources to self-indulge but instead looks out for the good of his fellow man; that, my friend, is an example you must never forget, for there are very few people in this world that are as genuine and pure-hearted as Marc Sparks, and that’s perhaps what makes him so well loved by his God, by his wife and children, by his friends and employees and by several other jealous entrepreneurs. Learn more:


Marc Sparks believes in the words of Jesus Christ, especially when Jesus says that it’s far better to give than receive. He also holds that God places certain people in positions of power or status not for their own luxurious self-indulgence but for the greater good, and Marc’s a living example of this very calling today – what an inspiration! Marc also has his own website and blog, out of which he shares his many teachings and beliefs publicly. He also shares many insider’s tips and secrets on how to truly become successful in this lifetime; he, as millionaire, begins by saying that it’s not all about the money and that people with such a mentality often fail before they even begin to advance. Learn more:


Marc, for one, was never a worshipper of money. He loved people. He loved business. He loved hard work and sharing knowledge and love with others. As a result, he natually become successful in this lifetime. Learn more:


The Joys Of Shopping With Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

A lot of people have many different ideas when it comes to shopping. Some people love shopping. However, there are people that can’t stand the idea of pushing through the crowd in the mall. One thing is certain, the thrill one gets from buying the item he wants is more often than not worth it. This makes it more than worth the trip for even those that are most against the activity of shopping on at the mall. Then again, there is one factor at play when it comes to the enjoyment of shopping. One factor is the type of mall one is visiting.

Fortunately, Roberto Santiago understands the importance of the mall when it comes to shopping. This is one of the reasons that he has made sure that Roberto Santiago has made Manaira Shopping one of the most enjoyable malls in the country of Brazil. There are a lot of reasons that people enjoy this particular mall. One particular reason on Facebook that makes this mall more enjoyable than others is how clean everything is. The cleaners take the time to make sure that the mall is spotless. They are also courteous enough to make sure that people are safe from any hazards.

Perhaps the most important aspect of shopping at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is the options. There are plenty of clothing stores that offer some good fashion for people. There are also a lot of different restaurants which range from casual to fine dining. This gives people a lot of choice when it comes to the food they eat. Then they have a movie theater that has huge screens and state of the art sound systems on People can get the premiere experience when they go to see a movie. Manaira Shopping is definitely the place to go for people that are interested in shopping.

When people are interested in buying anything, they just have to visit the mall that Roberto Santiago has set up for the masses. They could choose from casual to designer clothing. This brings out the imagination and creativity in people that are looking to make a change in their wardrobe, or are just looking to have a fun time.