The Stake of The Rock Nation

According to the article on, the landmark USD 150 million deal of Jay Z with the Live Nation was coming to an end. The rap mogul is discovering opinions of other bigwigs in the music industry about involvement in Roc Nation, which is his recorded-music business.In 2008, Jay signed a historic 10-year deal with the Live Nation for 150 million dollars. That “360 deal” is ending in 2018, which may trigger a buyout agreement, meaning that either party might sell their share in the Roc Nation company to the other co-owner or acquire the company completely.

A music insider stated that the 360 deal of Jay with the Live Nation is not going to be extended. The Live Nation had bought a part of the rights of the artists and recorded music, but they aren’t going to extend any of those relationships. The Live Nation isn’t in the line of recorded music buying any more. The artists of the Roc Nation include Shakira, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Rihanna, and Jay. Jay and Desiree Perez (Jay’s top Roc Nation exec) met with the UMG CEO and chairman, Sir Lucian Grainge, at his office in Santa Monica, California, which sparked speculation that Universal Music Group might buy a share in the Roc Nation.

That move might give Jay Z more resources of developing new artists and support his streaming service Tidal that’s in an acrimonious dispute with the Spotify services and larger Apple Music. UMG insiders stated that the company had already made a deal for distribution with the Roc Nation.Desiree Perez has been Jay’s close associate for nearly 20 years. She played a big part in the Samsung deal with Rihana. She’s part of the cooperative running the whole Roc Nation operation, its management sections, publishing, and labeling operations.

Tony Petrello- the executive manager who change his career twice

Being one of the best paid CEO’s in the world, Tony Petrello is not just any other business manager. In fact, in 2014 he was the best-paid CEO in United States of America. Tony’s achievements since his early life have been remarkable ones to be admired. He is naturally brilliant, a hard worker and a creative thinker. Tony has not only excelled in business management. He has been actively involved in other charitable activities. He is known to be a big contributor towards research projects for medical cures. He is specifically involved in fundraising for children with neurological disorders. He is one man who has decided to leave this world better than he found, and how better to do that than helping your fellow human beings.

Tony Petrello is born in Newark, New Jersey. He also attended public schools in the same area. Tony was popular in Newark since he had unique abilities in handling mathematical problems. Tony happened to be born from a humble family who could not have afforded to take him to a prestigious institution of higher learning. Luckily, Tony was spotted by the Yale University who granted him a scholarship to the institution. Part of the reason they did this was to ensure that he was mentored by Serge Lang who was also a mathematics genius and a professor at the Institution. It is at this same institution that Tony Petrello met his wife, Cynthia.

After Tony Petrello graduated from the institution, he dropped his interest in becoming a mathematician and chose to start studying law. This saw him join the Harvard law school, for his law studies.

In 1979, Tony was done with his law studies and was ready to join law practice. He joined Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York. His main area of specialization was business law, dealing with taxation and arbitration. While working at this law firm he met a client by the name Nabor Industries Ltd. This was an oil and natural gas drilling company. As of today, it is the largest oil and natural gases drilling company in the whole world. The management of Nabors Industries noted that Tony was exceptionally talented and decided to poach him from the law firm to join the management team. This would mark the end of Tony Petrello’s career as a lawyer. He was ready to take this opportunity. This meant that for the second time he had shifted his career this to head into business management.

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Marc Sparks for Christ

Marc Sparks is on a mission to change this world with the love of Jesus Christ – once and for all – and that mission, as you can no doubt imagine, is not an easy one but still one far worth pursuing, especially for its eternal benefits and rewards. Marc loves Jesus Christ with a passion and wants to share of that love with every person he comes across, be it a small toddler or an elderly lady – Marc loves everyone, just as Jesus does. The phenomenal part is this: Marc has so much money and success that he could literally retire and be happy for generations to come, but do you want to know what he does instead? He gives to the poor and needy and looks out for the orphan and widow, noting that God cannot have him sit by and watch others suffer as he sits on his own piles of money and gold. Learn more:


No, Marc cannot sit idly by: He has a divine calling that comes from God alone, and that mission statement includes making this world a better place; he wants all people to get along and to know what it is like to truly be alive. This rich entrepreneur is one of the few: He appears to not use his own power and resources to self-indulge but instead looks out for the good of his fellow man; that, my friend, is an example you must never forget, for there are very few people in this world that are as genuine and pure-hearted as Marc Sparks, and that’s perhaps what makes him so well loved by his God, by his wife and children, by his friends and employees and by several other jealous entrepreneurs. Learn more:


Marc Sparks believes in the words of Jesus Christ, especially when Jesus says that it’s far better to give than receive. He also holds that God places certain people in positions of power or status not for their own luxurious self-indulgence but for the greater good, and Marc’s a living example of this very calling today – what an inspiration! Marc also has his own website and blog, out of which he shares his many teachings and beliefs publicly. He also shares many insider’s tips and secrets on how to truly become successful in this lifetime; he, as millionaire, begins by saying that it’s not all about the money and that people with such a mentality often fail before they even begin to advance. Learn more:


Marc, for one, was never a worshipper of money. He loved people. He loved business. He loved hard work and sharing knowledge and love with others. As a result, he natually become successful in this lifetime. Learn more:


David Osio and Davos Real Estate Group Achievement

David Osio is the CEO and founder of a financial advisory group of Davos Financial Group which is an independent panel of companies. He has highly specialized in successoral planning, Banking services, Tax and Corporate Planning, asset management and Portfolio structuring hence having a broad range of experience. He has guided the company’s expansion, and growth using his leadership skills hence facilitated an increase in the income level as well as geographical expansion into both local and international market. The upgrade was achieved through the establishment of some offices in different strategic cities such as Panama, Miami, New York, Lisbon and Geneva City covering quite a large location.


Osio has centered his efforts on developing a financial service firm with the aim of offering customized and unique services that ensure individual demands are met and guarantees each client quality services, investment platform, and confidentiality hence making the individuals have trust with the companies’ services. Through Osio’s professional approach Davos Financial Group becomes a Financial Boutique where it offered specialized services to each and every company which was licensed hence the group get recognition globally.

Before the establishment of Davos Financial Group, he was the Vice President at Banco Latino International a commercial Bank in Miami where he achieved a lot towards the development of the institution. From 1989-1993 he had the responsibilities of supervising all corporate departments, managing customer acquisitions and defining market strategies in the region. Earlier Mr. Osio gained a lot of leadership experience when he was the Director at Escritorio Juridico MGO in Venezuela. Osio interest is mainly on personal Financial Planning, international travel, corporate and Art collector. Davos Real Estate launched a new mobile application with the aim of estimating real estate returns on investment according to the client interest. The application is available on both Android devices and iPhone and has been developed and established on the latest platform in technology. On the other hand, more apps will follow to enable clients to acquire the ability to determine and identify properties using their mobile devices as well as forward historical reports on real estate to Davos agent through chat interaction platform. The new applications will also provide a “Mortgage calculator” which gives the clients ability to estimate mortgage based on the Bank projection. Through the requests, the investors will have a clearer picture of financial vision when they are in the process of purchasing properties.


IAP Worldwide: Human Capital

IAP Worldwide company takes the pride and exceptional opportunity to provide expertise, unique skills, and knowledge to form a whole greater than the individual experiences. For this reason, they have partnered with numerous high-end companies and businesses to provide better solutions to client challenges. IAP values human capital. Their employees are instilled with a high sense of commitment towards an individual mission that is exclusive in the industry on This action has placed IAP among the best companies in the world. They provide the best environment for employees to extend their careers and improve on problem solution. This is the primary goal of productivity. They seek the best talents on a regular basis. They want people that are about to make a difference in the world. The most passionate about their jobs are prospective employees of IAP Worldwide.

IAP Worldwide comprises of people who are eager to solve other people’s problems on Hoovers. Every individual member of the company has unique skills that are essential to solving your problems. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience, and skills to form the best force to foster good solutions. While you work with the company, you will always impart a real sense of quality. You will gain recognition through every unique solution you provide in your job through dedication, cooperation, equality, and camaraderie. IAP is seeking the most dedicated, experienced professionals in Logistics, general management, Construction, Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Operations, Program Management and many other specialty areas and fields.

IAP employees are empowered with the resources and knowledge necessary to work in their fields with efficiency and safety. This action has seen to contribute to the overall engagement of customer towards solutions on The company believes that this is the driving force which aids solution development. For this reason, success and growth can be realized through employee commitment.

The Human Resource professionals at IAP Worldwide are more concerned about your success over the company profitability. For this reason, they contribute to the mission of the company. They provide high-end customer satisfaction levels in the market. The company is committed to implement and develop processes and support programs to aid in customer satisfaction. While they work tirelessly to provide solutions for clients, the employees add value to the company and themselves. While they work at IAP, everything is done in their power to ensure that they find a satisfying reward. Employee and customer interaction helps increase on their core values including responsibility, respect, integrity, and purpose. See:,_Inc./Salary

Bruce Levenson Looks to Future with Sale of Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson came into Atlanta with one goal on his mind: make the Atlanta Hawks a better franchise than when he found them. Back in 2004 the Atlanta Hawks were coming off of a string of abysmal seasons and the franchise needed a change. This is where Levenson came into play. Over the next decade Levenson would turn the Hawks around and create a culture of winning that would eventually culminate in back to back 50 win seasons and a Eastern Conference Finals berth. While Atlanta hasn’t leapt to a Championship Title they have made major waves. Now Levenson is selling the team and moving on, having accomplished his goal. See,

The climate for NBA team sales has been getting hotter and hotter lately. The Los Angeles Clippers set the market when owner Steve Ballmer shipped the team out and now Levenson is reaping the benefits. UCG co-founder Bruce Levenson managed to find a buyer with a quickness after putting an $850 million price tag on the franchise. Antony Ressler, a fund manager, was the first person to bite with a real offer and his buying group was quick to wrap things up. According to, Ressler was joined by former NBA star Grant Hill among a host of others looking to get their hands in on a team.

What Atlanta offers Ressler and the new owners is simple: a premier franchise in a hot market with a rabid fan base. Atlanta fans have gotten used to winning thanks to a strong couple of years with Levenson in charge. Now so long as Ressler focuses on continuing those winning ways, everything should come up roses. Ressler was quick to say that he was “proud” to become a “steward” for the NBA franchise. Now what remains to be seen is if he can turn his ambition into winning for Atlanta.

Looking for real estate investments, try the Davos Cap Calculator today

Are you in the US and looking to make investments in the real estate sector?

How would you like to get expert tips on real estate investments by a panel of experts?

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If your answer is a yes to all the above questions then you have come to the right place seeking a solution.

Introducing the Davos Cap Calculator, an innovative tool that has been designed to cater the needs of investors involved in buying a property within US. Designed by the Davos Real Estate Group, the new interface of the Davos Cap Calculator will offer real estate investment alternatives to its users as per their needs and requirements. The app will also have a panel of experts who will guide you through the process of sales, rent, mortgage and legal challenges associated with your real estate investment. The application allows you to calculate specific details related to investments in real estate like net income, capitalization rate, cash flow of your real estate investment.

There are quite a few many people who don’t know the potential of investing in real estate as a useful asset. David Osio who is the investment committee head of the Davos financial group answers the question by giving some useful insights on the subject matter. Investment in real estate is a boon for potential investment seekers which provides an excellent alternative to broaden one’s investment portfolio according to David. A potential investment in real estate can increase the return on your investment portfolio and reduce associated risk levels which are omnipresent with other alternative investments. Some of the major highlights as pointed out by David in his analysis of real estate as n investment opportunity are: diversification criteria for an individual’s portfolio, improved level of performances, protection against inflation which is based on the adjusted rental income and the ability to affect your investment portfolio in a positive manner with improvements in your real estate investment.

About David Osio

David Osio began his career as honors graduate in law at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Venezuela. David then went to pursue further studies at Instituto De Estudio Superiores Administrativos. His first position in the corporate world came as the CEO of the company OPED enterprise. He also held an important position as the Vice President of Commercial Banking in the Banco Latino International in Miami. He was responsible for supervising the management of corporate departments. David Osio’s combined efforts lead to the strengthening of the bank’s position and a surge in their portfolio growth.

After ending his stint with the bank David Osio started the Davos Financial group in the year 1993 with an aim to offer tailored financial services for its clientele and meet their demands and expectations. The Davos group adheres to the standards and banking regulations of the financial sector and is committed to the interest of its clients. With David Osio as the CEO, the Davos Financial group has expanded its operations in the American continent in strategic locations ranging from Miami, Geneva to Panama. David Osio has also been instrumental in providing to the community and serving the society with many charitable foundations. Over the years David has supported many foundations like The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and promoted art and music funding the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami and the Miami Symphony orchestra.

Mike Baur Helps the Business Startups Thrive

Mike Baur has worked in the banking industry for has many as 20 years. He has been able to take the experience and move on to another level. He is the co-founder of Swiss Factory. This is a company that has managed to help so many entrepreneurs change the direction of their companies. People that have been struggling with getting their businesses off the ground can suddenly become profitable. Small businesses doors that may be on the verge of closing can be rejuvenated when the Swiss Factory team comes into the picture. This is the type of organization that has a team that can totally change the perspective of a business owner.


The Swiss Factory has what is called the accelerator plan. This is the thing that has made people recognize what Mike Baur and other team members like Max Miester and Lina Bee are doing. These are the business professionals that have things like digital strategy development and a team of 360 Services that can move a team forward. This is the type of organization that has managed to give people a lot of insight about what they are doing wrong.


Sometimes entrepreneurs have a great idea, but they have no clue about how to execute the idea. In many cases the execution of the idea is more important than the original idea. There are lots of businesses that have less than stellar products or services, but the business has still become profitable because the idea was executed successfully. By the same token, there are other businesses that have started with good ideas and the business has still failed. What Mike Baur has done is gather a team of individuals that can train all of those that need to find the way to execute their strategies with success.


This is one of the reasons that people have become so familiar with the Swiss Start Up Factory. It is the company that makes businesses better. It is the type of company that has leaders in place that are going to help the startup companies grow. There some programs that are short, and there are others that can last 3 months or more. These various programs are designed to help a number of businesses make improvements. There some are startups that can improve the number of investors that will help fund these companies. That is why the Swiss Factory is important for startups.

Devco’s New Jersey Development Efforts

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority did not make the principal and interest payment it owed the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority earlier this year. The organization was supposed to pay the amount of $1 million. This was for a loan that amounted to $20 million. This was nothing new, however. The Middlesex group had skipped out on many payments for half a decade and needed to cover close to $7 million to make up for everything. They initially got the loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority back in 2005. It was for a New Brunswick, New Jersey hotel called The Heldrich. This hotel was planned by The New Brunswick Development Corp., a not-for-profit organization. It consists of 235 guest rooms and has had a difficult time getting business. Finances are a significant problem for the hotel. Information regarding the debts associated with this hotel appeared on the Press of Atlantic City website.
Devco is short for the “New Brunswick Development Corporation.” It’s a well-known real estate development firm that focuses on urban projects. It was established in the seventies. Its goal at that time was to organize redevelopment efforts. The corporation has been involved with a wide range of different projects since its inception. It’s been involved with developments that involve education, medical care, culture, government and transportation, for example.

Christopher J. Paladino is the President of Devco. Merissa A. Buczny, Randall L. Currier and Alison V. Brown are all Vice Presidents of the organization. Sarah F. Clarke is its executive Vice President. Other influential members of the firm’s management staff include development associates Robin Iantosca, Garrett Blitz, Dave Schwebel, Tracey O’Reggio and Wayne Koehler. People can reach out to the Devco team by email, telephone, fax or Facebook messaging. The organization also has a YouTube account for people to view.


DIVERSANT transformative ideas that meet IT staffing challenges

DIVERSANT is a leading IT staffing firm in the United States, the company offers IT staffing solutions that include direct hire, IT staff augmentation, and other diversity products. The company employs transformative ideas and strategies that are geared toward meeting the needs of clients, associates, and the community. Utilizing a consultative approach has helped the company solve critical issues and treat customers as true business partners, rather than acting as commodities supplier.

DIVERSANT match IT professional talents with diverse need from Fortune 500 companies and other large and mid-market companies. The company process of matching clients is based not only on capabilities and on skills of IT professionals but also consider cultural fit and personal preference. DIVERSANT team has vast experience and understanding of what hiring managers look for in candidates. They provide a viable applicant with guidance and support throughout the application and interviewing process. Due to extensive relationships with a vast number of companies, DIVERSANT offers limitless opportunities to IT professionals.

John Goullet is a distinguished entrepreneur who has led various successful development ventures in the IT industry. Goullet started his career as an IT consultant, before joining IT staffing back in1994. After he had garnered extensive experience in emerging markets trends, Mr.Goullet founded Info Technologies. The company was specializing in providing staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Within five years of operation, the company grew to $30 million, as results it was ranked in the eighth position on INC. Magazine list of fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. In 2010, Info Technologies merged with DIVERSANT Inc and formed DIVERSANT LLC. John serves as the principal of the newly formed firm and continues with his passion for developing innovative ideas that meet staffing challenges that are ever facing evolving IT marketplace.

DIVERSANT has an unofficial motto that state “lift as you climb”. Concerning this slogan, DIVERSANTS is actively involved in mentoring other Minority Business Enterprises. They share their experience and the best practice that has enabled them to prosper. The company has also been working with Fortune 500 companies and governments representatives in promoting STEM education, job creation, and diversity. Besides, DIVERSANT team volunteers their resources and time to support organizations and charity work that reflect the company value.

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John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions