Big Money 20 Versus End Citizens United – A Political Battle Contest

The “Big Money 20” is a list recently published by the End Citizens United. This group has been at the front of the battle with the large donations that have been a part of the United States politics in the last decades. This list is the latest announcement made by the group and it identifies twenty politicians that are deemed as the very worst in Congress.

The reason for the selection of these particular individuals correlates with the mission of End Citizens United. When the organization was established as PAC (Political Action Committee) in 2015, number one goal was to fix the rigged system that politicians have employed in this country. The reason why it is viewed as rigged comes from the fact that large donations are the main driver of decision making, according to the organization. Thus, these twenty people have been put on the list because they are no strangers to taking large donations and then shifting their own political views. End Citizens United disagrees with politicians who break campaign promises so that they can deliver on their financially binding promises made to special interest groups.


Some of the popular names on the list include the very Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan alongside Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Republican Mike Bost of Illinois. In order to prevent these people from getting re-elected, the PAC is planning to raise $35 million which is $10 million more than they raised 2 years ago. This comes as quite the goals given that PAC does not allow people to donate more than $5,000.

Luckily, End Citizens United has a large support of over 3 million members. This is not very surprising given that reducing special interest through donations is the third main issue voters are concerned within the United States. The only two problems that people want to see addressed more deal with terrorism and jobs. The President of the organization, Tiffany Muller, has vowed to use all the resources available to achieve their goals in 2018.

The origin of End Citizens United originates from a Supreme Court case that happened in 2010. This is when Citizens United (hence the organization’s name) battled F.E.C. and the Supreme Court ruled in support of large monetary donations that can be made during campaigns. End Citizens United was then established with a single mission of fighting against this ruling and serving as a platform for all those who support the idea.

The location of the organization is at the very heart of the politics in this country, Washington. From there, they are able to continue running their operations and increase efficiency as proven by the rise in their goals for finances in 2018!

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