David Giertz Address The Elephant In The Room: Social Security

Longstanding financial adviser, David Giertz of Nationwide Financial, recently sat down with the Wallstreet Journal’s Veronica Dagher to discuss the problems surrounding social security. David Giertz made it clear that the problem was not social security itself but rather the way it was and is being discussed within the financial advisory industry. Ms. Dagher notes that there is a huge problem, backed up by a wealth of statistics, which indicates that financial advisers simply are not talking about social security enough with their clients and asks her guest why he thinks this is the case.


Mr. Giertz states that there are numerous reasons why this trend seems to have gained such prevalence, primarily, the intricate complexity of the social security rules. For instance, the social security handbook, in its current form has over 27,000 rules alone, to say nothing of any of the other material surrounding social security. Naturally, that is a enormous amount of information to digest and can prove problematic to remember consistently even for financial adviser professionals.


That being said, Mr. Geirtz thinks that more financial advisers should be concerned about the issue, as much for their own sake as for the sake of their clients. It is obvious that not getting enough information from a financial adviser whom one is paying is naturally not getting one’s money’s worth. However, taking out social security too early can also put a huge hole in one’s nest egg and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. From a financial advisers point of view, customer retention is key – after all, one can’t expect one’s customers to stick around if you (the financial adviser) are not giving them all the relevant information they need to insure the safety and health of their retirement fund. https://davidgiertz.yolasite.com/

U.S. Money Reserve Succeeds With New E-Commerce Site


U.S. Money Reserve is one of the top precious metal coin dealers in the United States. Millions of dollars in gold, silver, and platinum coins have been distributed from the vaults of this Austin, TX company.

The traditional way buyers procure coins from the company is through discussing sales over the phone with a sales representative.

This process is still possible and it has been expanded upon. CBS 19 reports U.S. Money Reserve has made an investment in itself. The company has created a new e-commerce site that is loaded with amazing features.

Anyone wishing to add precious metal coins to their investment portfolio can do so very easily. The enhanced, user-friendly website is designed for incredibly easy purchasing.

And the inventory sold by U.S. Money Reserve is most assuredly impressive. Tremendous effort is performed by U.S. Money Reserve personnel when gold coins are selected for the company’s inventory.

The bulk of the coins are made by the U.S. Mint, which means the coins are legitimate currency. In addition to their value per the market price per ounce, the coins could have increased collectible value.

Inspecting a coin, however, is difficult when not seeing it in person. With the new e-commerce site, advanced imaging presentations allow for easy inspections of the incredibly detailed coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve

Making a choice for a particular coin becomes easier upon perusing the amazing site. Those who are not sure about what coins to choose may wish to speak with a company representative. Doing so is simple. Calling the phone number is always an option and so is communicating through the site.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve

The option for self-education is available on the site as well. The educational components of the site include a “Knowledge Center”, a “Full Headline Gold News Room”, and an option to order a “Free Gold Information Kit”. The site also contains real-time updates on the price of various precious metals. Investors benefit greatly when they are better informed. Read more: US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

The site provides many resources for increased learning. Again, access to consultants and sales reps is possible through the site for further discussion.

The ultimate focus of the site is to facilitate sales. Visitors and potential customers do want to be able to make easy purchases. In this regard, the integration of reliable shopping cart software provides a solution. Buying from the site is very easy, a trait many are going to be pleased with.