Great Ways to Enhance Hair Growth Using Wen by Chaz

Many people who are serious about the manageability and health of their hair try to seek ways to naturally enhance the rate of hair growth. This is a struggle many people face. For some, the perceived rate of hair growth simply is not up to the hair growth standards that have been set by the individual. For those struggling with the desire for enhanced hair growth, it is important to understand the process of hair growth and how it related to the quality of products that are used during hair care routines. Understanding these processes will effectively aid the user in gaining the desired hair length goals.

Hair grows in phases which include a growing phase, a dormant phase, and a death phase where the hair breaks off and new follicles emerge. Most of the hair’s life is spent in the growing phase which is great news for those who desire to grow longer hair. The majority of the hair on an individual’s head at any given time is in a growth phase. This phase can be be effected by things like the diet of the individual or the vitamin supplements that an individual takes. Most perceived hair growth difficulty is a result of the dormant phase of hair growth. During this phase, hair is susceptible to the products an individual uses. Using Total beauty products like the Wen hair by Chaz hair care system can greatly reduce breakage during this phase of hair growth. In one review of the Wen hair care system which was found here, on Bustle, a user described the moisturizing results she experienced when using the product for a week. The moisturizing capabilities in the Sephora hair care system by Wen hair are vital for reducing breakage in the hair and, thereby, helping consumers to retain growth and attain their hair care goals.

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