Passive vs. Active Fund Management: Who Will Win?

Warren Buffett just bet against passively managed funds in a very public way. Earlier this year Buffett made a million dollar wager that his investment in an S&P passive index fund will outperform several Wall Street fund managers. While Tim Armour has nothing but respect for Buffett, he has made the claim that Buffett is wrong on this one. Armour, the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group and the American Funds is one of the world’s largest money managers and knows quite a lot about the markets. Tim has been around for a while and has been a successful fund manager for a lot of years.

His quibble with Buffett’s claim basically comes down to the belief that not all fund managers are created equally. He will concede that yes, a passive index fund will likely outperform more than a couple current managers investment fund but that does not mean that a passive index fund is the right strategy. Armour, a successful fund manager himself, thinks that an active fund manager who cannot outperform market benchmarks should be low on the list of investors’ choices for active management. A good fund manager will be able to deliver returns that justify their fees and the way to do that is to outperform the index funds.

Active management that is competent and innovative in its strategy is always the best choice and Armour believes that his American Funds deliver in this regard. As more Americans near retirement age, and are increasingly reliant on their own retirement funds, Tim Armour believes that healthy returns are necessary to reach one’s financial goals prior to retirement.

Warren Buffett may well be writing a million dollar check to the charity of his choice by year end, but if Armour has his way, this wager will not encourage investors to flock to passive index funds. A well-managed fund that has healthy returns is the best tool to help investors reach their financial goals, whether they be retirement related or not. It will be interesting to see how the chosen managers do up against the S&P 500 index fund this year.

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Todd Lubar Discusses His Business Success

Todd Lubar is a strong figure in the mortgage industry, and he has been interviewed recently about how he manages his company. This article explains how Todd is offering better services to his customers, and it shows how he chooses to manage his firm every day. There are many things that the business person may pick up from Todd, and they will learn that managing a successful company takes quite a lot of work.

#1: Keep Working Hard

The work that is put into a business must be consistent, and someone who is running their own company must continue to work hard no matter what happens to them. They will find that the company recovers well when they are working hard, and Todd talks about a time when he simply needed to start again using different tactics.

#2: Staying In Shape

Todd Lubar urges people to stay in shape because he knows that fitness is a large part of the process. Someone who is in shape will perform better at work, and Todd has talked about the FitBit he purchased. The product does everything he needs, and it helps him stay on track with his many fitness goals. Someone who is getting in shape for the first time will see their performance improve, and it is possible for them to clear their mind by working out.

#3: Listen To All Ideas

Todd listens toe very idea in his offices because he wants to know what the staff is thinking. His staff is quite skilled, and he wants them to share what they believe will make the business better. He is open to new approaches, and he will continue to listen to these ideas while the company grows.

In a report by Hackronym, the company that Todd Lubar runs is a part of a large and propsperous mortgage industry, and he is managing his investments in a better way due to his simple business principles. There are many people who will learn quite a lot from what Tod does, and they will be more comfortable with each investment they have made when they follow his rules for business.



Investing With The Capital Group Can Pay Off In The Long Run

Timothy D. Armour is currently the chief executive officer and chairman of the investment firm Capital Group; principal executive officer and chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., and chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. It’s important to note that he’s an equity portfolio manager and currently has 34 years of experience with investments, all of which have been with the Capital Group. In the earlier years of his career as an investment analyst of Capital, he has been known for covering both United States service companies and and global telecom. He began his career in The Associates Program at Capital as a participant. He is currently holding a bachelor’s degree and is based in the city of Los Angeles.

When it comes to investing, it is important to note that the average actively managed fund has done worst than markets over time horizons that are considered to be meaningful; however, as famous investor Warren Buffett has notes, there’s exceptions to that. An investor who would have placed $10,000 in the first index fund of the S&P 500 40 years ago would have more the $500,000 today.

If you are wanting to diversify your portfolio but are not sure about what company/organization may be willing to help you, please feel free to contact one of the consultants of The Capital Group. Oftentimes, investors worry that their investment consultants do not have their best interests in mind. It’s necessary for you to ensure that you contact a consultant who truly has your best interests in their mind. The Capital Group is an organization that has been well-renowned as being a group that truly places importance on ensuring their clients are provided with the services that they need to get the most out of their own capital. Be sure to make the right investment choices starting today.

Organizing Your Financials Can Mitigate Risk

As professionals go through their career, they often look for additional ways to add income so that their retirement will be better. One of the more popular ways to add to your income in recent years is to rent some of your home or vacation place using Air BNB.

The upside is that if you live in an area that people like to travel to, you can normally defray your expenses significantly. On the other hand, it is a good idea to work with a financial adviser before you jump into renting your places on Air BNB because they can point out ways to mitigate risk that you may not have considered.

One specialist in wealth management that is very in tune with how to shape extra streams of income so that you minimize liability is Richard Blair. Richard has spent decades working to protect and grow his clients’ wealth through his firm Wealth Solutions. When it comes to opportunities like Air BNB, he would point out all of the potential risk and then propose ways to optimize your revenue.

What is the Air BNB opportunity?

Air BNB is a service that allows you to rent part of your home or condominium as a bed and breakfast for travelers. It has been very useful for those who own condominiums in places like Hawaii. Some condominiums there have association fees of more than $2000, making it nice to have the occasional renter help owners pay for that.

Risks of using Air BNB as a revenue source

One of the problems with relying on Air BNB as a revenue source is that there is normally a gap in insurance coverage for your home and vacation place that does not take into account temporary rentals. It is possible for you to rely upon the insurance coverage that is offered by Air BNB to cover against any potential liability in case something goes wrong while there is a guest. Yet as their insurance is secondary coverage, you still need to find policies or partners that will cover you as a primary when you start renting or you will be personally liable should something go wrong.

Richard Blair is aware of this type of vagary and spends a great deal of time researching and explaining the ins and outs of different revenue sources so that his clientele approaches extra income opportunity without blinders on.

So if you would like to increase your revenue by adding extra investments or taking part in business opportunities, remember that talking to a financial expert like Richard Blair before you get started can save you time and money.

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U.S. Money Reserve Succeeds With New E-Commerce Site


U.S. Money Reserve is one of the top precious metal coin dealers in the United States. Millions of dollars in gold, silver, and platinum coins have been distributed from the vaults of this Austin, TX company.

The traditional way buyers procure coins from the company is through discussing sales over the phone with a sales representative.

This process is still possible and it has been expanded upon. CBS 19 reports U.S. Money Reserve has made an investment in itself. The company has created a new e-commerce site that is loaded with amazing features.

Anyone wishing to add precious metal coins to their investment portfolio can do so very easily. The enhanced, user-friendly website is designed for incredibly easy purchasing.

And the inventory sold by U.S. Money Reserve is most assuredly impressive. Tremendous effort is performed by U.S. Money Reserve personnel when gold coins are selected for the company’s inventory.

The bulk of the coins are made by the U.S. Mint, which means the coins are legitimate currency. In addition to their value per the market price per ounce, the coins could have increased collectible value.

Inspecting a coin, however, is difficult when not seeing it in person. With the new e-commerce site, advanced imaging presentations allow for easy inspections of the incredibly detailed coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Making a choice for a particular coin becomes easier upon perusing the amazing site. Those who are not sure about what coins to choose may wish to speak with a company representative. Doing so is simple. Calling the phone number is always an option and so is communicating through the site.  Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The option for self-education is available on the site as well. The educational components of the site include a “Knowledge Center”, a “Full Headline Gold News Room”, and an option to order a “Free Gold Information Kit”. The site also contains real-time updates on the price of various precious metals. Investors benefit greatly when they are better informed. Read more: US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

The site provides many resources for increased learning. Again, access to consultants and sales reps is possible through the site for further discussion.

The ultimate focus of the site is to facilitate sales. Visitors and potential customers do want to be able to make easy purchases. In this regard, the integration of reliable shopping cart software provides a solution. Buying from the site is very easy, a trait many are going to be pleased with.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions, Inc.

To supplement their income homeowners are subletting their rooms,condos,and houses to strangers or out of town guests and tenants on a short term basis by using the internet search engines such as Airbnb and Urbo. However,it is mandatory and crucial to become familiar with all the aspects involved and associated with this endeavor, and the unavoidable risks that play a role as well because unfortunately potential candidates come with unexpected and inevitable hazards.

As a homeowner you should thoroughly analyze your homeowner’s insurance policy, because you may not have a written clause that insures your domain against any culpability regarding your house guests should anything occur such as,injury to your guest, theft by your guest, damage to the premises, etc.

If you neglect to notify your insurance carrier of your intent to rent or sublease your space through any search engine you may encounter a policy cancellation in the unforeseen situation of having to process a claim.

To safeguard yourself and have peace of mind and avoid possible unpredicted consequences, you have to consider options that are available to you such as enhancing your current policy,adding a provision that satisfies short term rental/lease contracts, or initiate a business liability policy.

The last recourse is to have your potential house guest obtain a certificate of insurance which states that they are insured under a rental or homeowner policy.

A reliable and sensible suggestion is to contact a reputable insurance broker who will evaluate your status and provide you with pertinent facts and favorable resolutions.

After graduating from college in 1993 Richard Blair stepped into the realm of the financial securities industry, and in 1994 he established his own independent company Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Richard Blair is the proprietor and executive of Wealth Solutions, Inc. situated in Austin, Texas. His experience of 24 years has been financial planning advisor, and his other certificates of attributes include being a Registered Investment Advisor, Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist and Retirement Income Certified Professional.
Wealth Solutions, Inc. was created with the focus on implementing a profound and definitive distinction in the lives of individuals, families and small business owners,offering non partisan and impartial advice.

Through the years Richard Blair has polished his expertise in retirement planning, and specializes in benefiting his clientele to pursue their endeavors of a prosperous stable retirement, by providing them with proven plans of action and how to avert prevalent setbacks.

Contributions Made By Stephen Murray At CCMP Capital

Steve Murray has been a leading private equity investor as well as a philanthropist. He has been the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital, a premier private equity company that specializes in growth equity and buyout transactions. Murray attended and graduated from the Boston College in 1984. He graduated with a degree in economics. Later, he went to Columbia Business School on where he graduated in 1989 with a master’s degree in business administration.

Steve Murray is one of the founding partners of CCMP Capital that successfully split from JP Morgan Chase & Co. The spun out occurred in 2006 in order to evade potential conflict with JP Morgan Chase & Co’s clients. CCMP Capital, headed by Steve Murray, raised its latest fund in 2014 with $3.6 billion. CCMP Capital invests between $100 million to $500 million of equity in any particular project. Its focus is usually on firms within the consumer, health care, industrial, and energy sectors. Among its investments are Quiznos Corp. and Cabela’s Inc.

Murray grew up in Westchester County on Fortune, a suburb in New York. His career in private equity started in 1984 when Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., based in New York, recruited him as a credit trainee. He rose through the ranks and became the vice president of middle market lending. In 1989, Steve Murray joined a leveraged finance and private equity unit of Manufacturers Hanover that later resulted in the establishment of CCMP. After a merger of three companies in 2000, Manufacturers Hanover became a part of JP Morgan.

In 2005, Murray was announced as the head of business buyout for the bank, which at the time was known as JP Morgan Partners.  In 2006, Murray co-founded the firm, which is now referred to as CCMP Capital that eked out from JP Morgan Chase. As a founding partner of the firm, Steve Murray is regarded as an exceptional deal maker and terrific investor. He has made enormous contributions towards the success of CCMP Capital and its heritage firms.

They include Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Stamford Museum, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Columbia Business School. Additionally, he also served as a member of chairman’s council for Metro New York’s Make a Wish Foundation and as the vice chairman, board of trustees for Boston College. Murray also served in the boards of leading firms like Generac Power Systems, Aramark, Warner Chilcot, and Pinnacle Foods.