After Four Years of Drought and Legal Battles, Olympic Valley Incoporation Finally gets a Relief

Since the last four years, north-shore communities at Lake Tahoe faced Mother Nature and a number of legal challenges that could change the landscape of the Winter Resort, forever. Fortunately, for residents and businesses of Olympic Valley, the new year arrived with plenty of good news, which included early season storms and cold weather that has allowed resorts in the greater Tahoe area to open weeks before regular schedule.

The early winter storm is a blessing considering that ski resort communities like Olympic Valley experienced drought-like conditions for several years that severely shortened the ski season.

Just as the Mother Nature offered relief, the intense legal battle to incorporate picturesque Olympic Valley is also over as Incorporation-backers formally withdrew from the case.

For outsiders, the legal battle may seem to have trivial consequences on the future of Olympic Valley; however, for businesses such as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the end of the case is a huge success as incorporation would have led to more financial troubles for local businesses that are already suffering for years.

At the forefront of the legal battle is the CEO of the popular Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, who spent thousands of dollars in campaigning to stop the incorporation drive. According to the president and CEO, Andy Wirth, incorporation would increase taxes for the local businesses.

In addition, the level of service for such crucial community services including snow removal and road maintenance would also suffer if new service structure was established. Perhaps, the most important challenge of incorporation was pooling of resources for the local communities.

Mr. Wirth insisted that resorts and business in Olympic Valley share their sources to resolve regional issues. As such, any effort to incorporate the community would surely isolate the community from other north shore communities.

It is noteworthy that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings take keen interest in the development of Olympic Valley and adjacent resorts in Tahoe area. The relief from legal battles and Mother Nature would allow the company to develop new residential and commercial projects in the area. In fact, there is also a proposal for a gondola that would connect Squaw Valley with ski areas in Alpine Meadows.

The CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth, is one of the most popular names in the area. Andy has worked tirelessly for many years to develop Squaw Valley into one of the best ski destinations around the world.

In addition, Andy is always keen to develop a dream ski resort that would attract skiers of all levels and ages. Among multiple community projects, his contribution also includes efforts to protect local climate and assisting veteran families.

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