Conservatives attack George Soros

George Soros is a leading progressive thinker. For more than two decades, Soros has helped fund progressive campaigns throughout the world and has contributed heavily to progressive thought. Every year, Soros searches for new causes to fund and he keeps several progressive institutions running. The impact that Soros has had on liberal thought around the world is immeasurable, but many do not like Soros.

George Soros has been a major enemy for conservatives for years. Many are content to simply dislike him, but there are those that hate him enough to take any action necessary to stop him. Several conservative thinkers have committed fraud and libel to destroy George Soros. One such conservative is James O’Keefe.

James O’Keefe is a conservative prankster who wanted to infiltrate the Open Society Foundation. He made a call to the foundation and identified himself as Victor Kesh. He stated that he wanted to help the organization fight for European values and that he was very interesting in joining. His attempt to infiltrate the organization would have been successful except he left the phone on after he was done. The person on the other end listened to James describe his exact plan and James was caught. The recorded conversation was bounced around the Open Society Foundation and they finally decided to expose James and his devious ways. James has now spent the last few weeks trying to handle the scheme, while the Open Society Foundations work to enhance their security.
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The Open Society Foundations is a network of progressive organizations that hold a common vision for the future. They operate in a hundred different countries, and they hope to create a world in which rights are respected, governments are held accountable, and the truth is available. The network is the largest of it’s kind and it is making a major impact on the world. The group of organizations is constantly growing, so some conservative organizations view the foundation as a threat.

The Open Society Foundations is a great organization, but it is just part of George Soros’ impact on the world. George Soros has worked for years to bring justice to the world. He started his philanthropy in the late seventies by giving scholarships to black South Africans who were suffering under apartheid. During the eighties, he worked to undermine the brutal Eastern European regimes by using Xerox’s to produce more banned texts. These texts helped people throughout Eastern Europe rise up. After Communism fell, Soros invested heavily in education, so that brutal regimes would never rise again. His investments into education have helped preserve Western culture and promoted progressivism throughout the world.

Soros has also dedicated his life to protecting the environment. Soros has spent millions on oversight organizations. These organizations closely watch natural resource extraction to protect the environment for years to come. Soros has been praised for his efforts by environmentalists everywhere.

George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have made a huge impact on the world, and conservatives cannot stop them. They will work hard for years to come.