Securus Poking Holes into the statements made by GTL

GTL is a company that was contracted by Securus, a leading provider of different services to the correctional centers in the country, to organize their technological setups. The business partnership got strained when GTL decided to take Securus to court over an unsolved dispute. GTK has been making interesting remarks following the legal tussle and now Securus is coming out to express their opinion about these claims.

The first thing that GTL claimed is that they were in a position to move back to court and get Securus to stop using their patented technology. However, Securus has retaliated and stated that the technology in question is not yet patented. GTL had also claimed that they would proceed with the case. Securus notes that because the case was heard in front of a judge in Dallas and they made a ruling, GTL did not have much of choice, especially in going back to the courtroom.

Securus has also stated that the propaganda being spread by GTL, about their company always using contested legal means to acquire services and goods from companies that work with them is a false accusation. They noted that when the friction began between the two companies, they offered GTL an out of court settlement. GTL seems to have ignored this offer and moved to court to seek for a better payout. Securus maintains that their clients come first and that when they feel necessary, they will start legal processes against anyone that threatens their service delivery process.

The other accusation that has been made is that Securus will be forced to pay fiduciary duty for confidential information that they are posting on social pages. Securus states that there is no stay that has been put on any of the technologies they got from GTL. They urged GTL to stop the legal battles and head back to the negotiation table for a better deal.