Doe Deere’s Bright Entrepreneurial Vision

When Doe Deere first started creating and selling brightly colored cosmetics nine years ago, she didn’t realize that she would soon be known as the “Queen of Unicorns.” But the lavender haired entrepreneur is more than a fashion icon. Her company, Lime Crime, is one of the first makeup businesses to operate entirely through e-commerce. It created the now-ubiquitous “blue Unicorn” lipstick, and was among the first to introduce transfer-proof liquid-to-matte lipstick.


“Queen of Unicorns” is the perfect way to describe someone as striking as Doe Deere, whose boldly colorful makeup and hair has been a source of inspiration for millions of young fashionistas. Unsurprisingly, her artistic and entrepreneurial streak started at a young age. When she was 13 and living in Russia, she sold temporary tattoos to her peers. After moving to New York City at age 17, Deere became a musician, where, in addition to learning about the finer points of creating a brand and connecting with fans, she met her husband.


Fashion as a form of self-expression has always been important to Deere. In her twenties, she started posting experimental makeup looks on Youtube, gaining a major following with her artistically outlandish looks. When she started a DIY fashion line on eBay in 2004, she chose the name “limecrime” simply because lime green is her favorite color and she wanted something that rhymed. When she had trouble finding brightly-hued makeup to match her designs, she started making her own, and in 2008, Lime Crime was born.


Since its inception, Lime Crime has gained a strong following, spurring the brightly colored makeup trends that saturate today’s cosmetic culture. But Deere is concerned about more than making money. Lime Crime has been certified “vegan and cruelty-free” by both Leaping Bunny and PETA, and Deere has spoken about the importance of connecting with her fans, who she refers to as “unicorns,” on social media. Deere has been listed as one of Self-Made Magazine’s “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” alongside entrepreneurial icons like Arianna Huffington.


Those who are interested in keeping up with Doe Deere’s latest makeup and fashion innovations can follow her on Instagram @DoeDeere and @limecrimemakeup.