Charles Koch Will Not Go Against Donald Trump

It’s official: Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party and he will face Hillary Clinton. But, to his dismay, there seems to be strong opposition in his own party. A leading Republican, Paul Ryan, just stated he’s not ready to back up Trump. Other known Republicans, including Jeb Bush, go as far as to say that they won’t vote for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, there are tens of millions spent on anti-Trump propaganda.

Charles Koch, a multi-billionaire and supporter of the Republicans, claimed on ABC News that he won’t spend a penny to stop Trump. He, as well as his brother David, have turned down calls to join the so-called “Never Trump” movement. Yet, Koch feels uncomfortable with Trump’s remarks about banning Muslims from coming to the United States. That reminds Koch of the Nazi Germany, even though Trump never called for killing anyone as the Nazis did.

The Koch brothers are known for raising massive amounts of money for the Republicans in the past. These sums went into hundreds of million of dollars. As majority owners of Koch Industries, they’re among the richest men in the world. Koch Industry generates more than $115 billion annually in revenues.

The company is a conglomerate involved in petroleum, chemicals, trading of commodities, paper, ranching, finance, and other businesses. Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned company in America, and was co-founded by Koch brothers’ father, Fred Koch, back in 1940. At that time, the company invented a better oil refining process.