Darius Fisher Gives Advice About Handling Negative Images Online

Darius Fisher wrote an article on the Huffington Post. The article talks about four good ways to handle bad photos when they show up online. The first tip Mr. Fisher gives is to take charge of the situation promptly by decreasing the views and damage. You could get an attorney to do a takedown notice, or even contact the DMCA. The second tip he gives is to compose positive content that will help remove negative content from Google. Your website should be mobile friendly and you should having agile on social media sites. This way you can link up the positive content to the social media sites. The third tip Mr. Fisher gives is to tell everyone that you are handling the situation and tell how you are handling it. You could hire a crisis management firm to walk you through the process. The last tip he gives is to learn from the crisis. You strengthen your password so you won’t get hacked again. You should always check the privacy settings on all social media sites because sometimes they change policies.


Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation company. As president of the company, Mr. Fisher constructed partnerships with other corporations that led to those corporations to increase their sales. Status Labs has now over 1500 clients around the world. In 2009, Mr. Fisher was a senior copywriter at Agora Publishing. In 2008, he was the political consultant at Storefront Political Media. In 2007, Mr. Fisher was the litigation support executive at Discovia.
He speaks two languages: Spanish and Portuguese. Visit Darius’ personal website to find out more.

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