Dick DeVos and a Sailing Aventure to Remember

Fort Lauderdale, Florida and DeVos
Dick DeVos and Ft. Lauderdale, FL have a story that is worth talking about and remembering. This happened in February, 2016. It was a Friday and the winds were unhinged. It could be said the winds were actually deranged. This is a sailing adventure that required many needed skills for cautious navigation within the Lauderdale Yacht Club or also known as LYC.

Competition and Success
It was Day Two at this 2016 Gold Cup, this was hosted by LYC. The unruly winds did not place a damper on the enthusiasm. The racing action in Fort Lauderdale, FL has been amazing in every way. There were even three extra races that were included. These were added right to the scoreboard. The three races posed a massive shakedown. It was DeVos who was in the lead. He was leading by one single point. The races do stir up much competition. Each Race proved to add more competition and excitement. Each team striving to push out another and get into the lead. Heated battles occurred as every participant tried to remain in the lead of each division.

DeVos in Top Five
The racing had been wrapped up on the final day. Dick DeVos had been listed in the top five. This is a sailing adventure that proved to be more than an adventure for everyone. Nothing was going to put a damper in the spirits of all those who were involved in this sailing excursion in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Excitement had filled the air.

The Fascinating Dick DeVos
There is much to know about Dick DeVos. He is a fascinating individual who seems to be filled with energy and talent. He is a man who is involved in many areas of life in general. Sailing is only one small aspect of DeVos. You can view his family foundation site and see what a large role philanthropy plays in the life of Dick DeVos. Giving is something that was taught to him as a child. Fostering growth and viability in every community is something that DeVos and his family believe in. He contributes greatly to the business world along side of his philanthropy endeavors. Dick DeVos seems to be on one adventure after another. The sailing is included on his long list of amazing abilities.