FreedomPop’s Expansion

FreedomPop is a global mobile service that now offers customers with free amenities that are numerous and vast that only come with a small sign up fee to pay. FreedomPop is a company that was founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols in Los Angeles for the purpose of offering a top quality service to individuals who want to save money. Stephen Stokols specifically believes that wifi and a mobile carrier should be a right rather than a luxury especially in this day and age. Ever since the founding of this company, FreedomPop has grown exponentially to become one of the fastest growing mobile carriers in the world. With only five years of experience under the company’s belt, Mr. Stokols has attracted numerous investors with the same dream of offering free services at minimal cost. With this business model, FreedomPop will continue to grow vastly in popularity.

In recent news, FreedomPop has increased the number of free services offered to include Whatsapp. Whatsapp has officially been acquired by FreedomPop to now be a zero-rated plan which means that Whatsapp will offer top quality services at no cost. This new plan is currently only limited in Spain and will continue to grow as the popularity of this service continues to grow. Spain currently uses Whatsapp the most which has made this country the perfect candidate for testing out FreedomPop. Though FreedomPop has integrated Whatsapp into the services provided, Stephen Stokols has stated that FreedomPop has not and will not partner with other major companies such as Facebook or Whatsapp. With free services provided, FreedomPop currently offers free roaming in over 31 countries around the world. This number, thanks to Stephen Stokols and his team will continue to grow in numbers over the next few years.

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