James Dondero’s leadership role at Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Company. It is located in Dallas Texas and it is found in some cities such as New York and Singapore among others. It is in the leadership of an expert who has over thirty years of experience in investments. Highland capital Company is well known as a hedge fund, and it has been popular in offering services and other products to the rest of the businesses in the industry.

James Dondero has vast experience that he acquired the moment he joined his first career as a trainee under the Morgan Guaranty Training in the year 1984. It was here that he was exposed to equity markets and credit analysis. He proceeded with his studies at the University of Virginia and later at the McIntire School of Commerce. In both institutions, he showed exemplary performances where for example he graduated with majors in Accounting and Finance from the latter institution.

Dondero is a sharp investor who has been in the industry for quite a long time. He is offering the services as the president at the company. HCM is mostly involved in various equity and credit investment sectors. The company has been accredited as one of the strongest institutions regarding credit investment where most banks are getting their services from.

The company has invested in managing funds in the Healthcare sector, real estates, banks and other emerging markets that are showing a positive improvement. Their main strategy is to offer the best services that involve equity and credit facilities to their best clients. It is through these that most institutions have had trust in their organizations, and they are using Highland Capital Company in preserving the services that they need.

James also has certificates in CFA and CMA, which stand for Certified Financial Analyst, and Certified Management Accountant respectively. It profoundly shows how professional and efficient his leadership can work. Before he joined HCM, his skills have been proven over and over again.

At the helm of leadership as a Chief Investment Officer, through his skills and expertise, he created the GIC subsidiary of a company known as Protective life to a net worth of over 2 billion dollars within four years. It is due to such expertise the HCM has the most suitable leader and attributing to its success. Most institutions are seeking services from the company due to its proven record and the leadership expertise.

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