Norman Pattiz Launches The Latest Jericho Network Program


The new podcast called Beyond the Darkness has been announced by Norman Pattiz who is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. This will be exploring paranormal. PodcastOne is being touted as the largest podcast network of America that is supported by advertisers. This will be the latest show on the podcast network of WWE star Chris Jericho. It will feature entertaining conversations with researchers and experiencers from around the world. This way it will be challenging everything that you may know about ghosts or ghouls or even angels and demons. There would be myths busted on aliens, monster encounters as well as mysteries and miracles. This show will be hosted by the author as well as radio host Dave Schrader, along with radio producer and host Tim Dennis. There will be new episodes being released every Monday. These will be released on, as well as on the PodcastOne app besides iTunes.



In fact, Chris is being considered as a jewel in this PodcastOne network by Norman Pattiz. The Jericho Network collection had to evolve beyond wrestling. Chris has been able to deliver comedians through this show. Now he is going to take everyone into the paranormal with the new show, Beyond the Darkness.



Chris Jericho has made a statement that he is himself feeling quite creepy as he is announcing the addition of the Beyond the Darkness podcast which will become a part of The Jericho Network! The hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis are going to bring in their massive fan base. All these fans have trust and belief in them as well as their subject matter. In fact, Chris fully believes that Beyond the Darkness is going to grow their audience on The Jericho Network, which is already massive. Besides, they are going to get scared, and the audience base will increase accordingly. This is exactly what any podcast network would dream of.



Hence things are looking really good for Norman. His podcasts are already garnering a lot of attention that has made him earn a huge audience base. Now he plans to add on new shows, get new hosts and this will only help to enhance the audience base still further.



He has great ideas, and he is using them to make his podcasts popular. This is an innovative strategy which is already working out very well for him.


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