Omar Boraie: Real Estate Meets Community Development

In the United States, there are many real estate developers whose ambition is to build multi-dollar luxury apartments and condos in exclusive areas of the country. However, a few developers have developed a passion for investing in properties but communities as too. One of these developers is Omar Boraie, a real estate developer and businessman. Boraie is also a philanthropist and the founder f the Boraie Development. He is also its Vice President.

Boraie Development has transformed the New Brunswick area, from nothing into an urban orchard. Thanks to Boraie, the community has witnessed the massive development projects that have changed their lives for the better. Born and raised in Egypt, Omar Boraie arrived in New Brunswick with a lot of ideas and big development plans. He wanted to put up modern buildings in the area, community houses as well as posh apartments.

According to NJ, when he started his projects, people were skeptical and doubtful about the whole idea. The dying neighborhood did not show much promise when he started off. However, this did not pull Boraie away from his ambitions for the community’s future. With his development company and a team of professionals, Boraie initiated several real estate development projects in the area. These projects ended up changing the face of the community. Some of Boraie’s major projects in New Brunswick include The Aspire, Rector Street and Albany Street Plaza. Apart from his projects in New Brunswick, Boraie also has others in Atlantic City and Newark area.

Omar Boraie may be one of the most reputed real estate developers in the New Brunswick area. However, he is equally known for his philanthropic acts. As a philanthropist, his vision is to see to it that the community also benefits from his developments. He has also contributed to several social causes. Boraie also serves in the Board of Trustees for the New Brunswick’s State Theater. His company sponsors several activities and events by the institution. See,

Omar Boraie is also a member of the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit organization in New Brunswick, reveals The organization feeds the hungry as a way of contributing to the community’s development.