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Kate Hudson is an actress that has appeared in a multitude of films and achieved amazing success with her acting talent. According to Elite Daily, Hudson is conquering the fashion world with her wonderful line of active-wear fashions and introducing a few new additions to her clothing line of Fabletics.

Per Wikipedia, Fabletics is the name of Hudson’s fitness wear company. It is one of the most successful fitness brand clothing companies online. However, Hudson has decided to launch a new type of clothing line. Well, it is not exactly clothing. Hudson is launching a new swim-wear line. In an interview featured in Elite Daily, Hudson relates that she simply loves the summer-time and spending time at the beach. She worked with designers to make sure that the swim-wear line was sexy, stylish, and very comfortable to wear.

More Coming

Well, the launch of the swim-wear line certainly made a big splash with Fabletics fans. However, there is more good news on the fashion frontier. Hudson is adding a line of summer dresses to her collection. The new dress and swim-wear line is a suitable combination for Fabletics. The dress and swim-wear are available in a wide range of sizes too. Now, you can wear a Fabletics summer dress to the beach and reveal your Fabletics swimsuit underneath. The best part is that the line of fashions are high quality and very affordable.


Kate Hudson is the inspirational co-founder of Fabletics. Certainly, Hudson lives a very active and healthy lifestyle.

In their Facebook page, Hudson launched Fabletics with partners that realized that a certain niche needed to be filled in the fashion market. There were numerous high ticket clothing lines with wonderful looking athletic wear that was far too expensive for the average woman.  The company almost instantly hit a positive note with their targeted audience. Now, it is one of the most successful clothing lines in that category.


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